Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ

12 Disciples - Who were the twelve disciples? Why were these twelve chosen? Study from the Bible about these men who were chosen by Jesus.

Amazing Miracles - Each miracle event must be judged like any other historical event; based on standard rules of evidence and eyewitness testimony.
Amazing Miracles Video - Miracles. Randall Niles examines David Hume and the classic arguments for and against the possibility of miracles.
Bible Christmas Story - What is the true meaning and message of Christmas? What is the story of Jesus birth? Find out here.
Bible Christmas Story Video - Watch a video that describes the true reason for the Christmas season. What is the greatest gift?
Biblical Description of Jesus - What attributes describe Jesus in the Bible? What do His names indicate? What did Jesus say about Himself?
Biblical Description of Jesus Video - Why is Jesus Christ presented in the Bible as the only one qualified to bring us into God's presence? Dr. Erwin Lutzer answers.
Blood of Jesus - What is the significance of Jesus’ blood? Find out the meaning and how you can make it personal.
Blood of Jesus Video - Is Jesus the Savior of the World? Is He your Savior? Worship Him in song today.
Christian Persecution - If you believe the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ was a hoax, check out the legacy of martyrdom.
Christian Persecution - Dying for a belief is one thing, but numerous eye-witnesses dying for a known lie is quite another. Dramatic stories!
Christian Religion/True Relationship - Biblical Christianity isn't a religion at all - it's discovering and establishing a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.
Christmas Origin - Do you know the true origin of Christmas? What's the true meaning of our celebrations and traditions?
Christmas Origin Video - Watch a presentation o f A Christmas Moment by Andy Stanley. What is the Christmas story all about?
Cornelius Tacitus - A great historian of ancient Rome who wrote a powerful piece regarding Nero's persecution of Christians in 64 AD.
Criminals on the Cross - What can we learn from the two thieves that were crucified next to Jesus? How did they react differently to Jesus?
Crucifixion - Its origin, history, and purpose. Discover the details of this method of execution. Learn about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
Crucifixion Of Jesus - The New Testament accounts are an accurate portrayal of Rome's brutal form of capital punishment. Check out the historical evidence.
Crucifixion of Jesus Christ Video - This powerful video illustration presents a creative and artistic worship experience from spoken word poet, Amena Brown. Why did Jesus die?
Crucifixion of Jesus Video - Randall Niles explores the historical record surrounding this Roman form of torture and capital punishment.
Crucifixion Video - What is the crucifixion? Why is it important? Did Jesus die for you and your sins? Find out.
Death of Jesus - Did Jesus really die like the Bible says He did? What is the proof? Find out some facts here.
Easter Origin - A one-time event in history. The resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Messiah predicted in the Old Testament. The Passover Lamb.
Empty Tomb - A significant majority of scholars agree that Christ's tomb was found empty. A look at the Roman and Jewish responses.
Evidence Of The Resurrection - Eyewitness accounts of the risen Jesus and subsequent martyrdom are some of the most solid and attested facts of antiquity.
Evidence of the Resurrection Video - The One Minute Apologist gives us proofs for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. What are they?
Flavius Josephus - Advisor and historian to three Roman emperors in 1st century Rome, he recorded New Testament events as a non-Christian.
Four Gospels - What are the Bible books that are listed as The Gospels? Find our information and how they compare with each other.
Good Friday - Why is the day good? What happened during the hours of Jesus’ last hours before His death? Study the Bible passages here.
Good Friday Video - The One Minute Apologist asks the question, Is Jesus the Passover Lamb? What's the answer?
Gospel Of John - A first hand account of the life of Jesus. Its outline, structure and significance. Spiritual themes for now and eternity.
Gospel of John Video - Who was this Logos, who became flesh and lived among us? What did the apostle John say about Jesus Christ? Stream this short video now!
Gospel Of Judas - Learn the history of this book and study its validity. Should it be considered inspired of God?
Gospel Of Luke - The historically precise third Gospel of Jesus Christ. Study the teachings of Jesus and His fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies.
Gospel Of Mark - Concise yet complete information on the book of Mark including its biblical history, outline, structure, significance, and the Resurrection.
Gospel Of Matthew - Concise yet complete information on the book of Matthew including its biblical history, outline, structure, significance, and the Great Commission.
Historical Jesus - A misguided movement to reinterpret the New Testament record. Recent evidence actually establishes more biblical credibility the ever before.
Historical Jesus - Jesus has been called many things, including a great man, teacher and prophet. Who is the true Jesus of history?
Historical Jesus Video - Check out this short video answer now! Was there an historical Jesus? Can we investigate the evidence for Jesus outside the Bible?
Holy Monday - What events occurred on the day following Palm Sunday? Study how the crowd's views changed.
Holy Tuesday - What occurred during Tuesday of Passion Week? Read about the events that occurred on this day of Jesus' life.
How can Jesus be God - If Jesus is God, wouldn’t it mean there is more than one God? Find the answer and study what the Bible says.
Is Jesus God? - There are really only three legitimate alternatives for the identity of Jesus Christ. He is either a liar, lunatic or Lord.
Is Jesus God Video - Dr Bobby Conway answers the question: Is Jesus God? Find out what his conclusions are.
Is Jesus God? - Jesus Christ made a unique claim. He declared himself God. Not a god, not god-like, but God incarnate.
Jesus Christ - Discover the Truth. Review the scientific evidence for Jesus Christ. Find out if He was who He said He was.
Jesus Christ - Who is this man that sparks more controversy than other religious leader in history? Explore the alternatives. Discover the truth.
Jesus Christ Video - Randall Niles investigates Jesus' true identity. Who was Jesus? What made Him significant in history?
Jesus is God - Study biblical proof that speaks of Jesus’ deity. Is He God? Why is this concept so important to us today?
Jesus Is Lord - He declares His Lordship through humility and grace. He allows mankind to crucify Him and call Him everything but Lord.
Jesus is Lord Video - If Jesus' claims were false, then He was a liar or a lunatic. If they were true, then that means He is Lord. If He is Lord, then there are two alternatives...
Jesus Outside the Bible Video - Is there Proof for Jesus Outside the Bible? Randall Niles looks at ancient accounts of Jesus of Nazareth outside the biblical texts.
Jesus Paid It All - Learn more about this hymn and the spiritual significance behind the words. What scriptural support is there?
Jesus Praying - What can we learn from how Jesus prayed to His Father? Find out the application to our lives here.
Jesus Praying Video - The night of his arrest, Jesus of Nazareth prayed at the Garden of Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives. What did He pray?
Jesus Resurrection Video - Why was Jesus' resurrection significant in world history? Learn by watching this video.
Jesus Son of God - How could Jesus be God’s Son? How did that work and what does it mean? Find insight and answers.
Jesus the Good Shepherd - What does this phrase mean to you? What did John mean when he wrote that phrase? Learn more.
Jesus the Good Shepherd Video - Nick Vitellaro shares a poem about being the lost sheep and how his shepherd found him. Are you lost?
Jesus Tomb - What would the tomb have been like? What is the significance of it? Where was it? Learn what the Bible says.
Jesus' Resurrection - An essential part of the Christian faith. Dramatic evidence for its historical veracity: extra-Biblical documentation, testimony, martyrdom and persecution.
Jewish Tradition - The historical events surrounding the life of Jesus were not denied, but definitely verified by leaders in the Jewish tradition.
Lamb of God Video - What does it mean that Jesus died for you? Learn from His Word about what He did for you.
Maundy Thursday - What is this day of Passion Week? What is the significance? Study the Bible passages that are remembered on this day.
Maundy Thursday Video - What is this strange-sounding day? John Stonestreet explains the day and why it's important.
Messianic Prophecies - An ancient collection of predictions in the Jewish Scriptures about the coming Savior of the Jewish people and the world.
Messianic Prophecies Video - Randall Niles shares 40 prophecies of a coming Messiah in the Jewish scriptures (Old Testament).
Miracle Healings - What's the buzz all about? Rather than look to the media, let's look to the Bible. Christ's miracles stand the test!
Miracle Healings Video - A young pastor and his wife and talk candidly about his life-threatening brain tumor. What did they learn?
Miracles Of Jesus - The eyewitness testimonies to Christ's miracles. He operated outside natural law. What lessons can we learn from them today?
Miracles Of Jesus - If one accepts the reality of a supernatural creator, the gospel accounts of the miracles of Jesus are very reasonable.
Miracles of Jesus Video - Randall Niles uses the famous illustration of a two-dimensional world to show the power of one extra dimension.
Miracles of Jesus Video - Spotless, blameless, perfect, righteous, etc all are accounted to us since we are in Him. Are you in Jesus?
Names Of Jesus - Why did Christ have so many titles and what is the significance of them? What do those titles mean to you personally?
Names of Jesus Video - View this presentation of Jesus names. What were the names He was given? What do they mean?
Origin Of Christmas - When did Jesus' birth really occur? What is the basis of our celebrations? Investigate here.
Origin of Christmas Video - Merry Christmas to you from and Coldwater Media. What is the true meaning of this season?
Origin Of Easter - A Christian commemoration of Resurrection Day. A Celebration with ancient pagan roots. The truth about Christ's crucifixion and resurrection.
Palm Sunday - What is the significance of this event? What is the history? Palm Sunday is an opportunity to reflect on the final week before crucifixion.
Parables of Jesus - The Bible is full of stories called parables that signify spiritual truths. Find out how to discover them!
Parables of Jesus Video - The Scripture in this video is taken from Luke 8, The Parable of the Sower. What does Jesus mean?
Passion Week - What are the major events of Holy Week between Palm Sunday and the resurrection? Find out here and study the Bible passages.
Passion Week Video - In this episode of Drive Thru History, Dave Stotts explores the trial, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. What is Passion Week?
Pliny The Younger - Roman Governor of Bithynia around 111 AD, he wrote a revealing letter to Emperor Trajan for protocol in punishing Christians.
Prophecy About Jesus - Was the Jesus of the New Testament really the promised Messiah of the Old Testament? Examine the evidence for yourself.
Resurrection Of Christ - Did Christ actually die on the cross? Was His tomb really empty? Did He really appear after His death? Here's the evidence!
Resurrection of Christ Video - Did Jesus really raise from the dead? Randall Niles examines this remarkable evidence for the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Resurrection Of Jesus - Concise briefing of the Resurrection based on standard rules of evidence. Discover the consistent eye-witness testimony from multiple credible witnesses.
Resurrection Of Jesus Christ - Since the foundation of biblical Christianity is Christ's resurrection, the historical veracity of his life, death and resurrection are tantamount.
Resurrection Of Jesus Christ - What evidence exists regarding whether Jesus actually rose from the dead? Was the tomb really empty? Study the facts.
Resurrection of Jesus Christ Video - Is there proof that Jesus rose from the dead? Did the resurrection of Jesus Christ really happen? Click to stream this short video of the truth!
Resurrection of Jesus Christ Video - Study the Easter story with Ray Vander Laan. What does Jesus' resurrection have to do with you?
Second Coming Of Christ - The signs of the times. No one knows the day or the hour, but we're asked to keep a careful watch.
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy - Is biblical prophecy truly special? Is it circular logic to use New Testament accounts to document Old Testament prophetic fulfillment?
Suetonius - Historian to Roman Emperor Hadrian, he recorded biblical events. Other sources include Mara Bar-Serapion and Lucian of Samosata.
The Case For Christ - Who was Jesus? Was He merely a good man? Maybe a teacher? Learn the evidence for who Jesus claims to be.
The Case For Christ - Simon Greenleaf, Sir Lionel Luckhoo, Lee Strobel and other legal minds compile and critically examine the evidence for themselves.
The Case for Christ Video* - Do we have reliable records about Jesus? Lee Strobel tackles this important question. Find the answer here.
The Nativity - Learn about the movie and the biblical account of Jesus’ birth. What is the story that surrounds Jesus’ birth?
The Nativity Video - Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel... listen to the Franz Family as they share this Christmas hymn. What does it mean to you?
The Resurrection - Read verses on the resurrection and why it is important to believers today. Learn from Romans 6.
The Resurrection Video - Mike Licona discusses the historical evidence of Jesus' resurrections. What is the evidence? Find out here.
The Way, the Truth, and the Life Video - Did Jesus really claim to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life? Did Jesus make religious Truth exclusive? You gotta stream this short video!
Transfiguration of Jesus - What occurred during the transfiguration? Who was there? What can we learn from this event in the life of Jesus?
What Are The Dead Sea Scrolls? - A phenomenal manuscript discovery establishing that the Old Testament we read today is substantially the same as 2,000 years ago.
What Is Faith? - I may believe that certain things happened in history, but what does that really mean for my life today?
What Would Jesus Do? - WWJD? Fad or true compass for life's choices? The answer depends on whether you truly know Jesus. Find out today!
Who is Jesus Christ Video - An historical teacher? A prophet? Find out who Jesus is and why it is important to your life.
Who Is Jesus Christ? - From His humble beginnings in Nazareth to His miraculous ministry in Israel to His life-changing impact on the world.
Who is Jesus Video - Why does the name Jesus Christ cause more division, agitation, and controversy than any other name? Is Jesus God? Watch this short video clip!
Who Is Jesus? - The Bible states Jesus was 100% man and 100% God. It teaches that there is only one way to Heaven.
Who Was Jesus Video - What do people say about Jesus? Who is He? Why did He come to earth? Find out people's views.
Who was Jesus? - Was Jesus a historical person? What proof is there? What did He claim about Himself? Study the proof here.
Work of the Cross - What was the purpose of Jesus’ death on the cross? Why has it changed all of human history? Find out here.
Work of the Cross Video - This skit is a classic and moving illustration of God’s love for mankind. How deep is God's love for you?

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