Assurance Of Salvation - Can someone be certain of their eternal destination? Once someone has accepted Jesus Christ, can they lose that relationship?

Become A Christian - Do you know how to make this important change in your life? Learn the facts and accept them in your heart.
Become a Christian Video - Participate in the worship song, Awakening. It is shared by the group Worship mob and BraveWorld studios.
Book of Life* - What is the Lambís Book of Life? Find out what the Bible says about this book and why your name should be in it!
Born Again Christian - What does the term born again really mean? Where did it come from? What does this new birth involve? Find your answers here.
Can God Forgive Me Video - It is an important question. Can God forgive the sins I've done? Lecrae answers the question.
Can God Forgive Me? - How can God forgive me? Iíve done horrible things! What does the Bible say about Godís forgiveness?
Christian Testimonies - Let your life be your story! Let your experience with God be your testimonial for Him! Share it!
Christian Witnessing - Sharing our faith is a matter of the heart. We're not called to be lawyers or judges, just witnesses for Christ.
Evangelism - Remember those who invited you to experience God's love and forgiveness. Where can you share the incredible love of Jesus?
Evangelism Video - Mark Mittelberg presents keys to effectively sharing one's faith. What are the important points?
Global Evangelism - Shake the fear and grow where Godís planted you. Focus on the organic process rather than a one-time event.
God Help Me - Are you crying out for God to rescue you from your current situation? Learn how to find lasting help and hope.
God Help Me Video - Are you crying out to God for help? Ask Him to draw you near and close to Him.
Going To Heaven - Are you on your way to heaven or hell? Find out how to know for sure. Who goes there?
How To Be Saved - What does the Bible say about knowing for sure that youíll go to heaven when you die? What does it mean to be saved?
How to Be Saved Video - Participate in the worship song, Awakening. It is shared by the group Worship mob and BraveWorld studios.
How To Become A Christian - Is it a simple act of joining a church, being baptized, or being religious? Discover what God says.
How to Become a Christian Video - Participate in the worship song, My Reward. It is shared by the group Worship mob and BraveWorld studios.
How To Get To Heaven - Do you want to learn how to have eternal life? Do you want to be assured of going to heaven?
Is Heaven Real - Discover what the Bible says about this eternal destination. How does someone make it to heaven? Find out!
John 3:16 - In any Bible translation, in any language, the message from God is clear and simple. Discover His boundless love today.
John 3:16 Video - What does this verse say? Listen to this presentation. It's a message understood by children.
Orphanage Outreach - A pure and faultless religion. A calling for all Christians to share in the blessing of worldwide orphan care.
Orphanage Outreach Video - This touching video by Eric Ludy called Depraved Indifference shares his heart for orphans and the least of these.
The Passion Of Christ - The passion and truth of Christ are revealed! Why was it necessary for Him to die on the cross?
Plan Of Salvation - Are you 100% sure that if you were to die today that you would go to heaven? Know for sure!
Plan of Salvation Video - Is it possible to know God? What is the plan to receive eternal life in heaven?
Prayer Of Forgiveness - Reconnect with God. A priceless gift made possible through Jesus Christ. The start of a new life and a new hope.
Prayer Of Salvation - A conversation with God where we confess our sin and profess faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
Prayer of Salvation Video - Glen Scrivener tells the Story of God, the World and You in three simple steps... 3, 2, 1. What is the message?
Qualities of a Good Person - What makes up a truly great person? Is it enough to earn a place in heaven? Find out here.
Roman Road - Discover the scriptural basis for being saved and learn the prayer of salvation offered through the grace of Jesus Christ.
Roman Road To Salvation - A letter of Good News. A unique presentation of the Christian gospel through the eyes of a graduating high school senior.
Salvation Prayer - Back to the basics for rebirth in Jesus Christ. Believe, accept, repent and be baptized. The cornerstone is Christ.
Savior of the World - Who is this Jesus, the one who is called Savior? Why do people worship Him? Study here.
Seven Deadly Sins - Learn what sins are traditionally known by this title. Can all sins be forgiven? Why are they deadly?
Share Jesus Without Fear - Are you afraid to tell of your faith? Learn how to be prepared and have a plan to get the conversation started.
Share Jesus Without Fear Video - Why do we not share our faith? Why is it important to understand apologetics? Find out in this video.
Sinner's Prayer - What is sin and are we all sinners? What is the remedy for this condition? What does Jesus have to do with it?
The Great Commission - A personal directive from Jesus Christ to all His followers. A timeless and wonderful adventure in faith for all Christians.
The Passion Of Christ - The Passion of the Christ is revealed in the film and why it was necessary for Him to die on the cross.
The Roman Road - Ready to accept God's gift? Hereís a basic prayer for you as a guideline for your sincere step of faith.
What is a Christian? - When people call themselves a Christian, what does that mean? What does the Bible say about the term Christian?
What is the Gospel - When people use the word Gospel, what do they mean? What is the message? What is this good news?
What is the Gospel Video - Hear a Gospel presentation from Dare 2 Share and rap artist Propaganda. Six words to communicate the Gospel message.

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