Life Challenges


Life Challenges

Adopting A Child - Are you frustrated with the adoption process? Considering giving up? Read what happened to one couple who waited through the struggles.

Adopting A Child Video - Eric Ludy shares how God gave him a passion for orphans around the world.
Adult Children of Alcoholics - Have you been told that you’d be just like your drunken parents? Want to avoid that? Read what others do?
Alcohol Addiction - Read the basics of this addiction and two inspiring survivor stories. Where did they find help and hope?
Alcohol Addiction Video - There is always hope. Please watch this short video testimony of a lady that struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction. You can be free too!
Alzheimers Support - How can you help someone suffering from Alzheimer’s? This article can start you off on that journey with some helpful ideas.
Anger Management For Parents - Do you find yourself getting angry at your kids? Discover practical ways to keep your cool and help your children learn from their mistakes.
Anger Management Techniques - Learn practical ways of managing your angry feelings. These techniques will make a lasting impact when you choose to implement them.
Anorexia & Bulimia - An eating disorder with serious consequences. The medical effects of binging and purging. How to escape the cycle of despair!
Anorexia Bulimia Video - Ashley Rawls shares her struggle with eating disorders and self worth. What is her answer?
Bed Wetting - How can you respond to your child's tendency to wet the bed? Consider helpful advice and information. Learn to cope.
Blended Families - Is it possible to successfully combine two families? What can I do to guide this process? Here’s a plan to guide you!
Blessings of Cancer - It is better to add life to your years than to add years to your life. God can turn anything for His good.
Borderline Personality Disorder - Learn more about this hard illness and the treatment options available. Find hope for complete healing and wellness.
Breast Cancer Diagnosis - I questioned why God allowed this to happen. Hadn’t God just promised that He had a wonderful plan for my life?
Breast Cancer Recurrence - I learned many lessons as a result of my recurrence. I learned to take a more active role in my health.
Breast Cancer Survivor - A personal story about finding peace, joy and hope in the midst of cancer and other trials of life.
Breast Cancer Treatment Options - The overwhelming task of choosing doctors and treatment options -- Where do you begin and who do you trust?
Cancer Patients - Are you reeling from a cancer diagnosis? Wondering why this happened to you? Find out who to trust for comfort.
Cancer Patients Video - Learn from Tamara Jolee and her battle with cancer. What is her response to this life-changing event?
Cancer Support Groups - As we share our journey with cancer, we get strength and hope from each other, from the Bible, and from prayer.
Cancer Treatment - Read one woman’s story of stage 4 cancer and the hope that pulled her through and gave her strength for treatment.
Caring For The Elderly - What is involved in care-giving? Learn helpful tips for transitioning into this time of life. Read a personal story.
Caring for the Elderly Video - What is the value of elderly people? What can we learn from them? Find out helpful insights here.
Child Abuse Help - How does a person recover from a childhood of abusive relationships? Discover a relationship that will heal those wounds.
Child Abuse Help Video - Rod Bayron shares of the abuse he suffered. How did he reacts as an adult? How did he find help?
Child Discipline - When should a parent begin disciplining their children? Learn why it is important in their development and basic principles to make it effective.
Christian Drug Addiction - What causes someone to succumb to addictive behaviors like drugs? Consider the biblical response and learn how to find help.
Christian Drug Addiction Video - Listen to the testimony of Brian Head Welch from Korn. How did God change his life and give him victory over drugs?
Christian Family Counseling - Is it time to examine your most important ministry - your family? Here's a wakeup call and some helpful hints.
Christian Marriage Counseling - Are you looking for help and support in your relationship? Consider the expertise of counsel from a biblical perspective.
Christian Marriage Counseling Video* - The psychologists and marriage experts explain how fighting, if done right, can actually strengthen a relationship. How?
Christian Parenting Video - How do parents impart a Christian world-view to their kids? Lael Arrington opens up about the challenges of parenting and raising children to love the Lord.
Christian Testimony Video - You have got to watch this story of Greg Outlaw who was pronounced terminally ill and what happened after that! You name it drugs, alcohol, sexual addiction, materialism, hedonism, and a lifestyle of debauchery -- nothing can change a life like God can!
Christians and Porn - Follow the journey of one man to darkness. Realize the spiritual implications of pornography.
Chronic Fatigue - Is this a real disease or a crutch for those unwilling to work? Is it really diagnosable?
Chronic Pain - A personal story of trial and denial. An answer to prayer. Turning pain into a deeper relationship with God.
Chronic Pain Relief - Strategies for coping with chronic pain. Practical advice, purposeful instruction, and spiritual reevaluation.
Codependency - A desire to control or a need to be controlled? A look at the internal struggles of a codependent lifestyle.
Codependency Recovery - What does the Bible say about a codependent lifestyle? How can we escape using God's guidelines found in scripture?
Coping With Anxiety - Is your life full of stress and worry? Would you like your thoughts to be free of worry? Learn techniques for minimizing anxious thoughts.
Coping with Anxiety Video - You don't have to teach someone how to worry. It comes naturally. How can we find peace in the midst of worry?
Coping with Crisis - How do you handle crisis? This author will share helpful tips that she learned through a serious illness.
Coping With Depression - Do you know the options that are available to fight it? A combination of treatments may be best.
Coping with Depression Video - Nick Vujicic's music video of Something More. How can we gain peace as we travel difficult roads in our life?
Coping With Divorce - A huge and growing concern in our society. The official statistics, financial costs and human effects of divorce.
Coping With Job Loss - Are you struggling with unemployment? Has your feeling of worth decreased? Do you feel defeated? Hear a firsthand story of fulfillment.
Coping With Loneliness - Friends can let us down when they turn away during a life crisis. When we're alone, who can we turn to?
Coping with Loneliness Video - Are you struggling with lonely feelings? Find hope and encouragement from an online coach.
Coping With Miscarriage - Understanding the myths surrounding pregnancy loss. Discovering the truth of loss and grief.
Coping With Separation - Whether long term or short term, being apart can be devastating. Learn how to deal with these situations.
Coping with Stress at Work - What are some tips for managing stressful work situations? Find helpful guidance and a personal story.
Cure for Anxiety - Are you struggling with anxious thoughts? Read about the causes and find help for your anxiousness? Find hope.
Cutting Story - Why do people start cutting? Read this young woman's cutting story and see how she gained victory over it.
Cutting Story Video - Victoria Childress shares about her life and her cutting. How did she find help and healing?
Dealing with Bullying - What is bullying and how should we react to it? What are tips to dealing with it? Find help here.
Dealing with Bullying Video - The Bible tells us that we are created in the image of God. And because that image is in us, all life is sacred.
Dealing With Death - Are you trying to cope with the loss of a loved one? Find out the role that trust plays in this process.
Dealing With Death Video - Brian Deegan and Ronnie Faisst talk about the death of their good friend Jeremy Lusk. What is the message they want you to hear?
Dealing With Depression - Identify symptoms such as sadness, discouragement, and despair. Realize that many cases require treatment and medical therapy.
Dealing with Depression Video - Sheila Walsh talks about her lowest point and the hope and healing she finally found. What was her turning point?
Dealing with Difficult People - Are there certain people who just rub you the wrong way? Find out tips on how to get past the insults.
Dealing with Difficult People Video - It's not about being a good person. It's about being like Jesus. This video challenges each of us to reflect on and examine how we live each day...and how we love others.
Decision Making - How do we know what is the right choice and what is the wrong choice? Find helpful information.
Discouragement - Do you find yourself discouraged with your life’s circumstances? Do your situations seem too hard to handle? Find help and encouragement here.
Discouragement Video - How can gratitude change our lives? How do we cultivate the response of gratitude?
Divorce Questions - Where can we find the answers to our questions? What is the biblical view of divorce? What's the bottom line?
Drug Addiction - “Help! I think my loved one is caught in drug addiction!” Read on to find out what treatment options really work.
Drug Addiction Video - Watch this short but incredible vide clip of a woman who found victory over drug addiction. Your life can change too!
Emotional Infidelity - What is this and is it really that harmful to participate in? Am I being unfaithful to my spouse?
Empty Nest - Learn how to find peace and contentment when the children leave home. Discover tips from others who have been there.
Family Conflicts - Is the continual conflict causing you stress? Do you want it to stop or at least get resolved? Consider these thoughts.
Fantasize - Is it wrong to dream of life with someone else and live that fantasy in my mind? Is it harmful for my marriage?
Fear of Failure - How can I find victory despite the anxiety that I might fail? How do I find the motivation to persist under trial?
Fear of Failure Video - Bridge the gap between frustrating old feelings and emerging new realities of who Jesus is and who you are.
Feeling Alone - Do you face those lonely feelings and don’t know how to cure them? Consider these words of wisdom.
Feeling Alone Video - Are your friends just names in a directory? Or are they true friends? Do you feel alone?
Food Addiction - Can people be addicted to food just like they are to drugs and alcohol? Discover helpful advice here.
Food Addiction Video - Michelle Aguilar discusses her journey on the Biggest Loser and how she found victory.
Forgiving Infidelity - Find healing following an extramarital affair. Receive hope and start fresh. Fill the emptiness with true love.
Forgiving Infidelity Video - Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs share their struggle to keep faithful. What was the result?
Gastric Bypass Surgery - Read a harrowing personal account of one woman’s incredible health obstacles and how God intervened in her life!
Gifts From God - God gave me my last days to see His wonderful plan being worked out in the lives of those I love.
God and Suffering - Why does it seem like children suffer? Why are there so many seemingly innocent people who go through undeserving trial?
God and Suffering Video - Why does God allow suffering? Why do seemingly innocent people suffer? Learn from Greg Laurie.
God's Will - I developed a deeper relationship with God. I developed a deeper appreciation for God’s will in my life.
God’s Plan for my Cancer - I finally turned my cancer over to God and His plan. This helped me release much of my fear.
Grief Process - Are you hurting due to the loss of a loved one? A greater understanding of loss will help you cope.
Grief Process Video - Randy Moore shares helpful tips on coping with grief. How did he survive? Find out here.
Guilt - Understand what it is and how to overcome it. What is its purpose and why does it plague us?
Hair Loss - Do you find hair daily in the bottom of your shower? Should you be concerned? Find out what is “normal” hair loss.
Healing A Broken Heart - Are you shook up with grief from a break-up or loss? Learn helpful tips about mending your soul.
Healing a Broken Heart Video - Is your spirit broken? Sheila Walsh shares the cure for healing your broken heart.
Healing from Abuse - Is it possible to heal from child abuse? Read Barbara’s story. Perhaps you can identify with her journey.
Hepatitis C - Earthly diseases are discouraging if we forget who ultimately controls all things. What can Jesus do for your condition?
How To Commit Suicide - Are you contemplating taking your life? Read a personal story of how one woman struggled with this very serious question.
How to Commit Suicide Video - Are you struggling with suicidal thoughts? Watch this woman's story and find help through free resources.
How to Cope with Anger - What are some tips to coping with anger? How can I defuse the anger and bitterness that I have in my heart?
How to Die - Are you at a point of no return? Has the meltdown occurred, and now thoughts of getting out are running through your mind?
How to Help Children Cope with Death - How do children grieve? Learn helpful tips on how to share death with a child and practical guidance on grief.
How to Kill Yourself Painlessly - Find insightful information about suicide. Read one man’s thoughts about this serious topic.
Husband Addicted to Porn - Have you discovered your husband’s secret? How should you react? How do you work through the emotions you are feeling? Learn here.
Hypnosis Therapy - Can you find relief from problems by entering a trance? Can another person guide your mind to improve your thought patterns?
I Hate My Life - Read a personal story of rejection, alcohol, drugs, sex, and ultimately victory. Discover your purpose in life. Find your way.
I Hate My Life Video - Watch Pastor Kerry Shook interview Nick Vujicic, author of Life Without Limits. How did his attitude change?
Impatience - Do you find yourself struggling with an impatient spirit? Do you hate to wait and wish your day would stay at the right pace?
Inside The Mind Of A Sex Addict - Hear one man's testimony of his struggle with pornography and addiction. Discover how he found help and forgiveness.
Internet Addictions - Are you struggling with compulsive internet use? Do you crave it? Find out the symptoms and what to do about it.
Joy of the Lord - Cancer can make us bitter or better. I found that the joy of the Lord is very important in my healing process.
Late Term Abortion - What should you consider before making a decision about this form of abortion? Consider this woman’s story and advice.
Late Term Abortion Video - The Bible tells us that we are created in the image of God. And because that image is in us, all life is sacred.
Life Challenges - Are you dealing with the struggles of life, wondering if it will ever get better? Find help for various issues here.
Life Challenges Video - Are you going thru a challenging time in life? Spend time reflecting on this music video. Be encouraged.
Living with In Laws - What are some practical tips for living with your in-laws? What situations can be avoided? How can everyone live together harmoniously?
Love - What is love? How is it defined? How does it differ from lust? What does the Bible say about the differences?
Love Addiction - Do you know someone who seems to be addicted to dating and romance? There’s a name for that; read this article to find out more.
Manage Attention Deficit Disorder - My child had been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. What is it? What does that mean? How can I get more information about managing ADD/ADHD?
Managing Diabetes - What is diabetes? What causes it? Can I do anything to prevent diabetes? Should I change my diet?
Manic Depression - What is this condition? Whom does it affect? What are the treatment options? Is there hope for recovery?
Marital Infidelity - Statistics and facts regarding extramarital relationships are undeniable. Evidence points to these statistics being on the increase.
Marital Infidelity Video - The Parks share of their marriage struggles and how they worked through the challenges. What was the key?
Marital Intimacy - How can I develop a strong bond with my spouse? Is this strong connection with my spouse possible?
Marriage Conflict - Why do we seem to fight? I thought we were so in love. Learn helpful techniques for managing conflict in your marriage.
Marriage Conflict Video - What is public perception of sex, marriage, love? Discover the purpose of sex, marriage, and love. How does it impact you?
Masturbation Addiction - Do you have a compulsive need to masturbate? Discover how this can affect you and what you can do about it.
Meaning in Tragedy - The news is continually filled with tragedy. Is there a purpose in it? Why does God allow these horrible things to happen?
Meaning in Tragedy Video - Listen as Sujo John shares his experiences from the terrorist attacks on September 11. Where did he find strength?
Menopause - What takes place when a woman comes into this stage of life? What are the symptoms when menses ceases? Read more.
Metastatic Breast Cancer - Discover renewed hope in your life battle. Read how one woman found peace and joy in the midst of pain.
Military Wife - Discover helpful advice on how to cope with the stress and loneliness of a husband who has been deployed.
Miscarriage Statistics - The definitions and statistics underlying miscarriage. The physical and emotional effects.
My Purpose in Life - God does answer prayers in mysterious ways. He answered my most fervent prayers for the soul of my beloved son.
Narcissism - What is narcissism and how can it be detrimental to your relationships? Find out what the Bible says about this topic?
Narcissism Video - How is narcissism impacting our children? What kind of kids are we building? Find out here.
Obesity Help - Are you struggling to make sense of your weight problem. Read a personal story here and find hope.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Read more about this disorder called OCD. Here you’ll discover answers to your basic questions -- find symptoms and lasting peace.
Overcome Fear - Is it possible to conquer fears? Understand their origin and how to best counteract their power in your life.
Overcome Fear Video - Speaking in public, going bald and gnomes...we all have fears. Watch as the Skit Guys go through 5 ways to kill fear in your life.
Overcoming Jealousy - Jealous thoughts are a daily struggle for all of us. Can these thoughts be controlled or removed? Discover the answer!
Pancreatitis - Painful inflammation of the large gland behind the stomach. A look at the symptoms, causes and possible treatments of acute and chronic forms of this painful condition.
Panic Attacks - The doctor says you’re healthy, but your heart is racing, your stomach is nauseous, and breathing is difficult. What’s wrong?
Parenting - What are the keys to being a good parent? What can you learn from others who have gone before you?
Parenting a Child with Special Needs - What are tips for parenting a child with special needs? Learn from the perspective of a young woman with special needs.
Parenting Plan - Learn the most important valuables to parenting and how to keep things running smoothly. Value what most important.
Parenting Tips - Are you mentally prepared to meet the demands of parenting? Do you want to be a better parent? If so, start here.
Porn Addiction - Learn about this process addiction and discover whether it is a problem in your life. How can you change?
Porn Addiction - Read one man’s journey through addiction and how he found the necessary help to overcome and find victory.
Porn Addiction Help - Are you waging war on this battlefield and trying to gain victory over pornography? Consider this man’s journey.
Porn Addiction Video - Is it a sin to look at porn? Is pornography bad? How to stop looking at pornography?
Pornography for Women - Are you struggling with a pornography addiction? Consider these insights and resources to help you to recover and save your marriage.
Post Abortion Syndrome - The pain, guilt and depression. The gift of forgiveness. A story of hope from one survivor.
Post Abortion Syndrome Video - A couple who aborted their first child discusses the forgiveness that has healed their marriage and lives.
Prayers for Healing - God is our hope and promise. He is in control and He does perform miracles. We are part of His family.
Preparing for Marriage - How can a couple best prepare for a healthy married life together? What things should be discussed and considered?
Quest for Happiness - How can I find true happiness in my life? Find out how to implement this plan. What can we learn from a game of Frisbee?
Quest for Happiness Video - It's exhausting being the best. What does that mean? Listen as Pete Briscoe shares his story.
Rape Survivors - Why do people rape others? Is there something wrong with me now that I’ve been raped? How do I go on?
Reflections of a Son - My mother’s last hours on earth reflected a powerful life of courage, strength, and faith in Jesus Christ.
Retirement Planning - When preparing for this life transition, remember the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of your life. Be prepared in all areas.
Reverse Aging - Why is getting older thought to be a disease? View the trends and learn the truth about aging.
Ripples of Influence - As a pebble in a pond creates numerous rings of influence, so did my mother in the lives of those she touched.
Self Worth - What is image based upon? Is it possible to self create yourself a healthy image or worth? Learn more now.
Self Worth Video - Actress Janine Turner speaks of rejection and show business. What caused her to see herself in a respectful way?
Separation Anxiety - Learn more about anxiety disorders and when to seek professional help. Discover how to help your child overcome these experiences.
Sex Addict Treatment - What are the causes and factors that lead to this addiction? What kind of treatment options are available and which one will help me?
Sexual Abuse Survivor - I’m struggling with experiences from my past. How do I cope? Is healing possible? Read a story of survival.
Sexual Abuse Survivor Video - Karen Green shares of her abuse and how she found hope through the struggle. What's the key?
Sexual Addiction - A process addiction that's progressive in nature. A secret cycle that can get out of control and ruin our relationships.
Sexual Addiction Video - Watch this video of Dr. Clarence Shuler, a pastor, as he tells his story of sexual addiction and finding freedom. You need to stream this short video clip of hope!
Sexual Addiction Video - Nate Larkin shares his struggles with addiction and how he found victory. What was the reason for his healing?
Shame and Regret - What is the meaning of shame? Regret? Why do we face these emotions and how can we recover?
Sibling Rivalry - How do I deal with sibling rivalry in my family? Will my children grow up with unhealthy relationships with each other?
Sibling Rivalry Video - How can parents tune down sibling rivalry? Learn these helpful tips.
Signs Of Depression - Tiredness, mood swings, difficulty coping with life. If you are experiencing symptoms indicating a depressed nature, seek help. Learn more here.
Signs of Gluten Intolerance - What are the signs of gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease? What is the difference? Find helpful tips on starting the gluten free lifestyle.
Single Parent - Identify your struggles and find support for your family. You have a tough job, but you can survive!
Single Parent Video - Shawna shares how God worked through her situation as a single parent. What was her hope?
Single Woman - Read a story of a woman who longed to get married, compared herself to other married women, and finally learned to be content.
Single Woman Video - Shawna shares about the struggles of being a single woman and the struggles that came with marriage.
Smoking Addiction - Are you weary of your smoking habit but afraid of withdrawal symptoms? Learn the health benefits of quitting and methods of success.
Spouse Abuse - Does your spouse get angry over seemingly minor things? Is it always your fault? Can this behavior be changed?
Stillbirth - Read a personal story of a couple who coped through this devastating situation. How did they get through?
Stillbirth Video - This music video will help you grieve and be comforted. Listen to Dressed In White by Mary Como.
Stress Relief - Feeling overwhelmed with the pressures of life and your busy schedule? Learn how to cope and find refreshment.
Suicide Of A Child - Are you grieving the loss of your son or daughter from suicide? Read how one mother survived the horrific loss of her son.
Teenage Pregnancy - Are you, or someone you love, faced with a hard decision of how to handle this huge life change? Find out more.
Television Addiction - Is this obsession becoming a problem in many families? What are some practical solutions to this addiction?
Total Surrender to God - I learned to give my total life to God. I would spend the rest of my life in total surrender to Him.
Traumatic Brain Injury - Read one man’s account of living with TBI – his struggles, alienation, and how he found hope for living.
Trusting God - Cancer has taught me to trust. When I release my cancer to God, He works everything out for good.
Trying to Conceive - Are you struggling with infertility and trying to cope emotionally? Consider these insightful tips for coping in a healthy manner.
Unplanned Pregnancy - Do you find yourself with the question of what to do next? Where do I turn? What resources are available?
Verbal Abuse - What abuse does name calling fall under? Are you in an abusive situation? Don’t know what to do? Read here.
Why Me God Video - Tyrone Flowers shares how his life changed drastically. What became his source of strength and hope?
Why Me God - Do you feel singled out or punished? Do you want to understand why these things are happening? Find out here.
Winter Blues - Do you struggle with depression during the cold months? Find practical solutions and spiritual guidance here.
Workaholic - Understand the condition and find tips for creating balance in your life. Find help and practical advice here.
Working Mom - Do you find yourself stressed and trying to get everything done -- trying to meet the needs of each part of your family? Find help.

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