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Show 1 - Comparative Worldviews, Christian Apologetics, and Critical Thinking. A Personal Journey to Truth. [Stream MP3]

Show 2 - The Origin of the Universe: A Look at Causation, Cosmogonies, and the Cosmos. [Stream MP3]

Show 3 - The Origin of Life: The Immensity, Intensity, and Intricacy of it All [Stream MP3]

Show 4 - Order and Complexity: Natural Law, DNA, Intelligent Design, and Evolution [Stream MP3]

Show 5 - Philosophy and the Question of God. The Problem of Evil. Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering? [Stream MP3]

Show 6 -- The Biblical Response to the Problem of Evil. The Answer found in the Suffering and Death of Jesus Christ. The Elephant Principle. [Stream MP3]

Show 7 - The Futility of Existence apart from God. Moral Law. The Meaning of Life. Dualism. Brain and Mind. The Concept of Self. [Stream MP3]

Show 8 - Is the Bible True? A Beginning Look at Biblical History. Textual Criticism of the Manuscripts. [Stream MP3]

Show 9 - Biblical Archaeology. Ancient Israel. Old Testament History, Civilizations, and Cities. Bible Contradictions. [Stream MP3]

Show 10 - The Bible – Divine Inspiration and Foundational Authority. The Test of Prophecy. A look at the historical and Messianic prophecies. Scientific insights in the Bible. [Stream MP3]

Show 11 - Mysteries of the Bible. Ark of the Covenant. The Genealogies. The Mazzaroth. The Great Pyramid. Jesus the Capstone. The Return of Israel. [Stream MP3]

Thanksgiving Special - Better than a turkey leg and a football game! Thanksgiving in the Bible; Thanksgiving in America; Mayflower Compact; George Washington; Abraham Lincoln.[Stream MP3]

Show 12 - Messianic Prophecy continued. The History of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Importance of the Great Isaiah Scroll. [Stream MP3]

Show 13 - Jesus of Nazareth; The Historical Jesus Outside the Bible' Tacitus, Josephus; Pliny; Jesus Christ as the Messiah. [Stream MP3]

Show 14 - The Birth of Jesus. Logos in the Flesh. The Great I AM. The Scepter of Judah. The Truth about Miracles. The Gospel of Luke. [Stream MP3]

Christmas Special - Born in Bethlehem. Virgin Birth. Pagan Controversies. Christmas Tree. December 25th. The Meaning of Christmas. [Stream MP3]

Show 15 - Models, Types, and Codes Pointing to Jesus Christ. Noah. Passover and the Jewish Feasts. Abraham and Isaac. Shroud of Turin. [Stream MP3]

Show 16 - Nebuchadnezzar and Politics. The Incarnation. Is Jesus God? Mystery of Melchizedek. Pontius Pilate. Caiaphas. Crucifixion of Jesus. Amazing Grace. [Stream MP3]

Show 17 - The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Empty Tomb. Eyewitness Testimonies. Christian Martyrdom. Paul, James, and other skeptics. The Final Verdict. [Stream MP3]

Show 18 - Jesus Christ and the Core of Christianity. Religion vs. Relationship. Belief vs. Faith. Grace. Salvation. [Stream MP3]

Show 19 - Mere Christianity. The Great Commandment. The Great Commission. Universal Prayer of Salvation. The Machine of Christianity vs. the Truth of Christ. [Stream MP3]

Show 20 - The Simple Truth. Cosmic Perfection. DNA, Shakespeare, and Monkeys. Conscience. The Law of Decent Behavior. The Universal Moral Dilemma. [Stream MP3]

Show 21 - Saint Valentine. Ancient Contracts and Covenants. The Moral Instinct. Self. Altruism. Love. The Eastern Philosophies. The Dharmic and Taoic Responses to the Moral Paradox. [Stream MP3]

Show 22 - Eastern Thought Systems. Hinduism. Buddhism. Zen Buddhism. Confucianism. New Age. The Force. Eastern Mysticism. [Stream MP3]

Easter Special - What's the Truth about Resurrection Day? Did Jesus Christ Really Rise from the Dead? [Stream MP3]

Show 23 - The Secret and the Law of Attraction. Cosmic Humanism. Secular Humanism. Worldview Comparison. Humanist Manifesto. Atheism. Naturalism. Darwinism. [Stream MP3]

Show 24 - Secular Humanism Continued. Self-Actualization. Monism. Positive Law. Declaration of Independence. The Death of God in Culture. Moral, Social, and Historical Impact. [Stream MP3]

Show 25 - Real Truth. The Top 3 Spiritual Questions of Today's Youth: (1) The Existence of God; (2) The Problem of Suffering; and (3) The Meaning of Life. [Stream MP3]

Show 26 - Reasonable Faith. Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview. The Humanist Conspiracy against Christian Theism on campuses today. [Stream MP3]

Journey Special Part 1 - Asking the Big Questions again... The spiritual journey of Randall Niles from atheist to believer. [Stream MP3]

Journey Special Part 2 - Randall Niles completes his journey back to God by examining the complexity of life, the integrity of the Bible, and the reality of Jesus. [Stream MP3]

THINK AGAIN Show 1 - Critical Thinking, Christian Worldview, Christian Apologetics, Popular Issues -- Randall Niles and John Stonestreet team-up to deliver worldview clarity in a post-Christian culture. [Stream MP3]

THINK AGAIN Show 2 - Truth, Reality, Tolerance, Relativism. Does Truth Exist? Is Truth Knowable? Randall Niles and John Stonestreet team-up to discuss Universal Truth in a Relativistic Culture. [Stream MP3]

THINK AGAIN Show 3 - Origin of the Universe. Origin of Life. Mind or Matter? God or Accident? Where did Information come from? Causation. Design. Order. Morality. Randall Niles and John Stonestreet investigate Origins. [Stream MP3]

THINK AGAIN Show 4 - What is True Christianity? Biblical Christianity. Creation. Fall. Incarnation. Crucifixion. Resurrection. Redemption. The Real Gospel of Jesus Christ. Randall Niles and John Stonestreet present the historical truth of Christianity. [Stream MP3]

THINK AGAIN Show 5 - Why Christian Apologetics? What about Faith? Authority, Reason, Evidence, Testimony, Belief, Truth, Reality. Randall Niles and John Stonestreet look at the importance of Reasoned Faith. [Stream MP3]

THINK AGAIN Show 6 – The Problem of Evil. Why Would a Loving God Allow Pain and Suffering? The Nature of Sin. The Fall. Free Will. True Love. Redemption. Randall Niles and John Stonestreet examine difficult truths underlying the everlasting gospel. [Stream MP3]

THINK AGAIN Show 7 – Pluralism. Aren’t All Religions True? Aren’t There Many Ways to Heaven? Sincerity of Belief. Faith. Tolerance. Fairness. Freedom. Exclusive Truth Claims. Randall Niles and John Stonestreet investigate the Exclusivity of Christianity. [Stream MP3]

THINK AGAIN Show 8 – Miracles. Are Miracles Possible? Do Miracles Still Happen? Miracle of Creation. Miracle of Life. Biblical Miracles. Miracles of Jesus. The Greatest Miracle of All! Randall Niles and John Stonestreet investigate the Evidence for Miracles. [Stream MP3]

THINK AGAIN Show 9 – Is the Bible True? Evidence from History, Archaeology, Manuscripts, Prophecy, and Human Nature. Special Revelation. Word of God. Randall Niles and John Stonestreet investigate the Authority and Inspiration of Scripture. [Stream MP3]

THINK AGAIN Show 10 – Word of God. Bible Accuracy. Test of Prophecy. Historical Prophecies. Messianic Prophecies. Archaeological Evidence. Historical Evidence. Dead Sea Scrolls. Randall Niles and John Stonestreet continue their look at the Authority of Scripture. [Stream MP3]

THINK AGAIN Show 11 – Challenges to Scripture. Bible Errors. Bible Contradictions. Who Wrote the Bible? The Canon. Inerrancy and Infallibility. Special Revelation. Divine Inspiration. Randall Niles and John Stonestreet finish their series "Is the Bible True?" [Stream MP3]

THINK AGAIN Show 12 – Christianity in Culture. Big Issues of Marriage, Family, and Life. Should Christians engage the debate on Politics, Law, Economics, Ethics, Biology, etc.? Randall Niles and John Stonestreet investigate the social influence of Christianity. [Stream MP3]

THINK AGAIN Show 13 – The Definition of Marriage. Family. Sexuality. Children. Parenting. Divorce. Gay Marriage. Traditional Marriage. Post-Marriage Cultures. Randall Niles and John Stonestreet investigate Marriage -- Outdated Institution or Cultural Necessity? [Stream MP3]

THINK AGAIN Show 14 – The Value of Life. What is a Human? Personhood Theories. Legal Theories. Moral Issues. Genetic Science. Choice. Abortion. Infanticide. Randall Niles and John Stonestreet continue their series on Christianity in Culture. [Stream MP3]

THINK AGAIN Show 15 – The Value of Life, Part 2. Arguments for and against Abortion. Pro Choice Position. Pro Life Position. Parenthood in a Culture of Convenience. Randall Niles and John Stonestreet continue their series on Christians in Society. [Stream MP3]

THINK AGAIN Show 16 – Christians in Politics. Representative Government. Responsibility. Passivism. Civil Disobedience. Religious Right. Theocracy. Liberal Theology. Red Letter Christianity. Randall Niles and John Stonestreet continue exploring Christianity in Culture. [Stream MP3]

THINK AGAIN Show 17 – Christians in Politics, Part 2. Legislating Morality. Vocation. Servant Leadership. Cultural Influence. Political Process. Political Activism. Church and State. Randall Niles and John Stonestreet continue their series, Christianity in Culture. [Stream MP3]

THINK AGAIN Show 18 - Morals and Feelings. Postmodern Values. Age of Reason. Enlightenment. Utopian Views. Social Evolution. Nature and Morality. Collective Consciousness. Randall Niles and John Stonestreet examine Morality in a Post-Christian Culture. [Stream MP3]

DOES GOD REALLY EXIST? Randall Niles delivers the latest evidence for God from science, technology, philosophy, and experience. A special gig at Cherry Hills Community Church in Colorado.[Stream MP3]

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