A Return To God - The power of a motherís prayers! The story of a prodigal son who returned to Jesus after 20 years of rebellion.

Answered Prayer - God does answer prayers! God does answer a motherís most fervent prayer for the soul of her beloved son!
Biblical Fasting - What is the purpose? What is the focus? What is the result? Find out the basics and importance of this practice.
Christian Fasting - Denying something physical to glorify God and go deeper with Him in the Spirit. A recommended lifestyle for spiritual growth.
Christian Leadership - The lack of Christian leadership in a family leads to instability. Communication disappears, spiritual roots disintegrate, and relationships struggle.
Christian Legacy - Delivering the answers and equipping others to do the same. This is my God-given outreach and legacy as a Prodigal Son.
Christian Prayer - The Lord's Prayer - Christ's model for all of us. Meditation. Quiet thoughts. Insights to help deepen your communication with God.
Christian Prayer Video - Participate in the worship song, Obsession. It is shared by the group Worship mob and BraveWorld studios.
Christian Worship - Showing reverence and gratitude to God who is worthy of all worship and praise. Learn the difference between worship and singing.
Christian Worship Video - Participate in the worship song, All Who Are Thirsty. It is shared by the group Worship mob and BraveWorld studios.
Christmas Dinner Prayer - As you plan your Christmas holiday, donít overlook the cause for rejoicing. Find out how to celebrate the birth of Jesus with a blessing for your family.
Christmas Dinner Prayer Video - As a mother and son unpack the Christmas decorations they also unpack some less than happy memories involving the manger scene and some peanut butter covered fingers.
Consecration - Not an act of salvation for the child, but an act of faith by the parents to ďset apartĒ to the Lord.
Corporate Prayer - What is corporate prayer? What is its purpose? Is corporate prayer more powerful than private prayer? Find out here.
Crucified With Christ Video - Participate in the worship song, Lead Me To The Cross. It is shared by the group Worship mob and BraveWorld studios.
Daily Prayer - Ever wonder if God hears you talking to Him? Would He listen to what you have to say? Read answers.
Daily Prayer Video - What are we really asking for when we pray for patience, forgiveness, or understanding? Ultimately, we're trusting in God alone to grant us our requests.
Daniel Fast - What is a Daniel Fast? What are the guidelines? Why would you choose this type of fast? Is it safe?
Faith In God - Although bolstered by evidence and transformed lives, our faith should be simple and pure, like the perspective of a child.
Family Prayer - Do you have a desire to pray together as a family but lack the confidence to do so? This will help!
Family Prayer Video - What is fatherhood all about? How much time do you have? The SkitGuys tackle this all important topic.
Fear Not - Do you need solace and peace in a difficult situation? Do you feel worthless and ineffectual? Godís waiting to guide you!
Firm Foundation - Establish a strong foundation for your children. Teach them the right path, and when they are older, theyíll stand on it.
Free Will - I knew I had to let my son exercise his free will and discover a personal relationship with God on his own.
Full Armor of God - Be strong with the Lord's mighty power! After reading Ephesians 6:10-18 together, my son decided that he wanted ďarm upĒ for himself.
Glory To God - He is glorified through His creation, His works, His son Jesus, and believers who are living for Him.
Glory to God Video - Participate in the worship song, Agnus Dei. It is shared by the group Worship mob and BraveWorld studios.
God Remembers - Thank You so much heavenly Father for remembering my sacrifices. You have blessed me abundantly.
God's Banner - I am Yours, and You are mine, and my heart is filled with love for You today. Help me to be ever mindful of Your declarations of love.
God's Call for Intimacy - What is intimacy and how it is attained? Do we long for God... to have intimacy with Him?
God's Covering - The circumstances you are experiencing are but drops in the sea of God's capabilities. Learn how God covers you.
God's Forgiveness Video - Participate in the worship song, How He Loves Us. It is shared by the group Worship mob and BraveWorld studios.
God's Fruitful Field - As the farmer waits for the rain with patience, so must you wait for God. The many years you have spent in preparation were necessary.
God's Mercies - Come quietly, and sit with Me awhile, and let Me encourage you today. All is not lost; all is not hopeless.
God's Perspective - Remember My salvation and the lessons you learned through the seasons of your life. Discard the unnecessary thoughts.
God's Support - Disappointment is such an insidious little fox, sneaking in before you realize it. It always waits patiently for you to be distracted from God.
God's Sweet Nectar - Learn to drink continually from the nectar of communion with God. Comfort, as you have been comforted.
God's Tender Moments - Pour into the pool of my life, into the deep places of my longing, that I may hear the whispers of Your heart. Show me unsearchable things I know not.
God's Blessings - Whenever trouble comes your way, let it be an opportunity for joy. When your faith is tested, your endurance grows.
God's Promises - After decades of prayer, God was working in my sonís life! So I focused on Godís faithfulness and continued my prayers.
God's Timing Is Perfect - Godís in control and He loves you. He knows whatís best for you and your loved ones. Trust in Godís plan.
Healing Prayers - Can I receive healing from God? Do I need more faith? Understand the concept of healing and why God heals some but not others.
Hindrances to Prayer - What does the Bible say about effective prayer? What hinders prayer? What is our responsibility for our prayers and how can we be more effective?
Hindrances to Prayer Video - Wouldnít it be great if God would just physically appear before us and sit and talk face to face? Since He doesnít, people have managed to come up with a few different ways to express themselves to God.
How to Pray for Revival - Pray to see His Spirit pour out across this land to bring thousands and thousands to Him.
Infants And Toddlers - Figure out that fragile little infant, and he turns into a reckless toddler. Cries of helplessness turn to shrieks of defiance.
Intercessory Prayer - The biblical foundation for intercession on behalf of others. A scriptural look at our model intercessor and High Priest, Jesus Christ.
Intercessory Prayer Video - Participate in the worship song, Air I Breathe. It is shared by the group Worship mob and BraveWorld studios.
Knowing God - How can I truly know God? How can I fully seek Him? Can I understand His perfect love?
Knowing God Video - Randall Niles discusses the Ultimate Pursuit of Life. What is it? What is the meaning of life?
Letters to God - Faith - Follow one woman's journey through trial to learning to trust God in all circumstances. Read her prayers to her father.
Letters to God - Fear - Read excerpts of journal entries and prayers to God, made in heart-felt dependence on God. Find hope in the midst of fear.
Letters to God - Joy - We all long to finish the race with joy and faithfulness. Read these accounts of living with an eternal perspective.
Living Sacrifice - Christians are called to die to their former selves in service to God and others. Understanding this biblical truth.
Living Sacrifice Video - Participate in the worship song, To Know Your Name. It is shared by the group Worship Mob and BraveWorld studios.
Lord's Prayer - How should Christians pray to God the Father? Here's a devotion based on Christ's model in the Book of Matthew.
Lord's Prayer Video - Why should we pray in the will of God? Hank talks to Bobby about it. Learn more here.
Men Praying - Why do many men feel that prayer equals weakness? Consider these thoughts on how prayer fits into authentic manhood.
Miracle Of Birth - One of the greatest of Godís blessings. Birth is regarded by many parents as the most important, blessed accomplishment in life.
Model Prayer - What did Jesus teach us about prayer? What guidelines were we given? Find out what the Bible says.
Model Prayer Video - What was the point of Jesus' prayer? What can we learn from it? Find out here.
Nature Of God - A short touching story of discovering God's presence, praising His name, and understanding His unconditional love. Gaze on these things!
Nature of God Video - Participate in the worship song, Tear Down the Walls. It is shared by the group Worship mob and BraveWorld studios.
Positive Thinking - During difficult times, our human instinct is to turn from God and focus on self-sufficiency and self-help. Donít!
Power Of Prayer - How can my prayers be more powerful? Is there a secret formula? Does God really answer? Learn what the Bible says.
Power Of Prayer - I turned my son over to God in prayer, often up to four times a day. I prayed for his salvation!
Power of Prayer Video - You make all things beautiful in my darkest night; Out of the ashes You bring life... Looking for hope? Worship with Destinysong.
Praise And Worship - More than singing songs in church, it's a lifestyle of love from the heart. A biblical perspective on true worship.
Praise and Worship Video - What is your part in worship? Are you missing the blessing of worshiping God?
Praise To God - How is praising Him accomplished? Why is it important to me? Discover why the Heavenly Father is worthy of worship.
Praising God - Thanking and adoring the Heavenly Father for His goodness and grace. Learn the importance of praise and implement it into your life.
Prayer - What is prayer and why is it important to me and my spiritual journey? Find helpful resources here.
Prayer And Fasting - Abstaining from food for the purpose of focusing on God. As you rely on Him for wisdom and direction, He will answer.
Prayer Discipline - Does God really hear and answer? Why do we pray even when we donít see His answer? Learn about the discipline of prayer.
Prayer Discipline Video - What are some tips for developing a prayer discipline? Learn from North Point Ministries.
Prayer for Peace - Is worry plaguing your life? Do you desire to find peace in your heart through prayer? Consider this prayer.
Prayer for Peace Video - The Franz Family is an amazingly talented family band. Listen to their prayer for peace.
Prayer for Students - Why do we pray for our kids? Does it help them? How can I pray for them? Do you have suggestions for what I can pray?
Prayer Of Jabez - Enlarge your territory and increase your impact. Attempt something large enough that failure is guaranteed - unless God steps in.
Prayers for Children - Learn how to teach a child to pray, what to say, and what to expect. Understand the importance of childrenís prayers.
Prayers for the Dying - Do you want to say a prayer for someone close to you who is dying? Consider this prayer for peace and comfort.
Prayers for Women - Do you struggle with praying? Learn how to pray effectively, what to pray for, and how to gain confidence in praying aloud.
Prayers for Women Video - Cathe Laurie discusses the top three reasons people don't pray. Find out here.
Praying Godís Word* - What does it mean to pray Godís Word? How is it done? Can my prayer life be enriched through this practice?
Questioning Christianity - As a teenager, my son began questioning Christianity and doubting his faith. The simple message no longer worked for him.
Return Of The Prodigal Son - My son returned to Jesus! Praise God, who did not ignore my prayer and did not withdraw his unfailing love from me.
Serenity Prayer - Study the whole prayer and learn how it can impact your life. From where does your help come?
Spiritual Growth - Elementary school is a great time to establish foundation and spiritual growth for your kids. Disciple children while theyíre eager to learn.
Story of the Prodigal Son - Present-day stories of Prodigal Sons are some of the most heart-wrenching experiences for Christian parents -- a universal challenge to faith.
Surrender To God - What does this biblical phrase mean? Does surrender only have something to do with giving up? Discover that unconditional surrender is victory.
Surrender to God Video - Participate in the worship song, My Reward. It is shared by the group Worship mob and BraveWorld studios.
Thanksgiving Prayer - Was prayer included in the first Thanksgiving celebration? How can I prepare for my Thanksgiving Day prayer? What do I say?
Unanswered Prayer Video - When you feel forsaken, hold on to the knowledge that God always comes through. He's never too early, but never too late.
Waiting on God - Are you tired of waiting for Godís perfect timing? What is the purpose of the wait? Does God have a reason?
Ways to Pray Video - What does the Bible say about prayer? What are things we should request of God? What should be the focus?
What Is Prayer - How does a person talk to God? What are we supposed to say to Him? Does God care? Read more.
What is Prayer Video - Randall Niles uses some 21st century visuals from the technology world to explore the potential physics of prayer.
Why Should We Pray Video - Hank talks with Bobby about the point of prayer and why it's important that Christians pray. What's the point of prayer?
Worship - Praising God in Spirit and Truth. Glorifying God with the heart of David. It's all about God and His glory!

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