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Biblical Studies

Visit each of these interests below to learn how to live an abiding and abundant life in Christ.

Check out these Biblical Studies

10 Commandments - Is there a list of moral standards by which we can base our life and morals? Find the list here.

10 Commandments Video - As an 80-year-old man, Moses climbed Mount Sinai at least four times. Is this significant?
Abrahamic Covenant - What is included in the covenant? Where is it found in the Bible? Find details here about this covenant between God and Abraham.
Acts of the Apostles - What is the purpose of this book of the Bible? Read a summary here and understand its purpose in the overall Bible.
Adamic Covenant - What was this covenant all about? What was the result of the sin that occurred in the Garden of Eden? Find out here.
Ancient Israel - Archaeological evidence for the ancient cities of the Israelites mentioned in the Bible, including Jericho, Shechem, Dan, Jerusalem, and Megiddo.
Ancient Mesopotamia - Archaeological evidence for the most ancient cities and civilizations mentioned in the Bible, including Ur, Babylon, and the Hittite empire.
Arad - What is the significance or Arad? What have archaeologists discovered to help us learn about Arad? Find out here.
Ark Of The Covenant - Mystical object or historical artifact? A temporary covering for Israel's sins. A foreshadowing of true forgiveness through the coming Messiah.
Beersheba - Where is Beersheba, the ancient city? What have archaeologists discovered about this location?
Bible Codes - Discover evidence of traditional and tested examples of supernatural design and integration that leap from the pages of God’s Word.
Bible Contradictions - Alleged errors and inaccuracies in the Bible. A barrier for many critics. Definition, analysis, translation and context answer the questions.
Bible Contradictions - A few names and numbers must be considered copyist errors. However, any alleged inconsistency of any real significance is fully explainable.
Bible Contradictions Video - Are there contradictions in the Bible, and if so, how do you explain them? Mike Licona explains.
Bible Manuscripts - When compared to other ancient writings, the Bible stands alone as the best-preserved literary work of all antiquity.
Bible Manuscripts Video* - How do you tell how old a manuscript is? How can you date it? Josh will discuss several methods used in dating manuscripts.
Bible Origin - Divine inspiration revealed in the Word of God. The New Testament canon and the authenticity of scripture. God-breathed Truth.
Bible Origin Video - Is the Bible true? This abundance of New Testament manuscripts gives credibility to its accuracy.
Bible Prophecies Fulfilled - A look at some Bible Prophecies Fulfilled in history, including the Decree of Cyrus, City of Tyre, and City of Samaria.
Bible Prophecy - Does biblical history line up with secular history? Learn the facts and view several examples from the Old Testament book of Daniel.
Bible Prophecy - The Bible itself declares the test for divine inspiration! The test is established as 100% fulfilled prophecy - no mistakes!
Bible Translations - The Bible has been translated from its original languages, but it has not been changed, interpreted or interpolated along the way.
Bible Translations - Why are there so many? What is the significance of each? Study history and a brief overview of 5 translations.
Bible Truth Video - What does the evidence of history, archaeology, and prophecy reveal about Biblical inspiration, trustworthiness, and authenticity?
Bible Truth - Why is the holy book any different than the others? Check out the reliability of the ancient writers and manuscripts.
Biblical Archaeology - A systematic approach to archaeology has taken off in the last century, revealing a great deal about the integrity of the Bible.
Biblical Inspiration - Investigate seven problem texts cited by Ehrman in the book Misquoting Jesus. Do the affect key doctrines of the faith?
Biblical Prophecy - Does biblical history line up with secular history. Learn the facts and view several examples from the Old Testament book of Daniel.
Caesarea Maritima - This city was built to display the greatness of Herod and Augustus? What has been discovered here? Learn the archaeological significance.
Capernaum - What archaeology exists from this town on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee? What is the time frame of remains?
Christian Prophecy Video - In this segment, Chuck Missler discusses the probability of one man fulfilling 48 prophecies. What is the probability?
Covenants in the Bible - Learn about the seven main covenants in the Bible. Study the differences between the conditional and unconditional covenants.
Creationism - Is there any added value in the belief that God gave us a realistic description of the origin of the universe in the book of Genesis?
Dan - Learn about this ancient city that was originally called Laish. What have we learned from archaeologists about this city?
Davidic Covenant - Were there conditions to this covenant between God and David? Read the text and a summary of this important covenant.
Does Hell Exist - Is the place of torment and suffering that is spoken of in the Bible true? Is it a literal place?
Essenes - Learn about this monastic Jewish community. What sacred writings did they protect and preserve? What is the significance?
Four Gospels - What is the purpose of the gospels found in the New Testament? Who are the authors and what uniqueness do they bring?
Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy - Could the Gospel writers have told the story of Jesus’ life in such a way that it conformed to Old Testament prophecy?
Garden Of Eden - The Genesis Account of Adam, Eve and the VERY GOOD Creation. Is there a contradiction in the biblical accounts?
Gay Christians - What does the Bible say about homosexuality in the church? Is it really sin? Why don't Christians accept all lifestyles?
General Epistles - What is the purpose of these New Testament book? Who wrote them and what message do they bring?
Gezer - What is the importance of this 33 acre site near Jerusalem? What excavations have been done in this location? What can we learn?
Giza Plateau - Learn about the home to the famous Great Pyramids and Great Sphinx. What else can be viewed in this area?
Gnostic Gospels - What do these newly discovered texts really tell us? Are they reliable? Are they even useful?
God's Love - Discover the most precious loving act ever done. God sent His Son to die for you! Learn more about this gift.
Gospel Of John - Recent discoveries support the accuracy of John's writings. What compelled these men to write and defend such profound historical events?
Gospel Of Luke - Luke was a credible historian. His account was designed to collect the evidence and present the historical "case" for Jesus.
Gospel Of St. Thomas - What does this so-called gospel of Jesus Christ really say? Is it legitimate? Find out the facts here.
Hazor - What is the significance of this massive city northwest of the Sea of Galilee? What can we learn from archaeology?
History Of The Bible - An ancient collection of writings, comprised of 66 separate books, written over approximately 1,600 years, by at least 40 distinct authors.
History of the Bible Video - What validity does the Bible have? What is the history of this best-seller? Learn from Randall Niles.
History of the Rosetta Stone - Where was it located and what is the significance? What impact has it had on the study of hieroglyphics?
Holy Bible - Concise yet detailed review of the history of the Holy Bible. Discover the origins of the Old and New Testament.
Holy Bible Video - Is your life inspired by the Scriptures? David Bowden shares about the power of God's words.
How to Understand the Bible - Do you get confused when you read the Bible? Find helpful tips for understanding how the Bible was written and what it means.
Inspiration of Scripture - What does it mean that the Bible is inspired by God? Didn’t He use human authors? Find out what inspiration means and how it happened.
Introduction To The Bible - What's the best way to start understanding the Bible? Read the perennial best seller cover-to-cover like a classic novel.
Is the Bible Relevant? - Is this book that was completed over 1900 years ago still relevant today? Can we learn from it? Find out important truths.
Is The Bible True? - Review the evidence for this remarkable book of antiquity. Was it really inspired by God? What is prophecy all about?
Israel Archaeology - Discover the evidence for the early Israelites, including the Merneptah Stele, Shishak Relief, Moabite Stone, and House of David Inscription.
Israel History - No archaeological discovery has ever refuted a Biblical reference to ancient Israel. The Old Testament is being validated by the evidence.
Jericho - Who inhabited this ancient city? What have the excavations taught us about its history? What about Joshua and the great battle?
Josephus - Are these histories of this Jewish Roman historian valuable to us today? Why are they important to biblical history?
Karnak Temple - Study this area and the artwork related to Old Testament biblical history. What is the significance of this Temple complex?
King James Bible - The beloved and poetic translation from 1611. Its purpose and impact. A look at the history and translation team behind this classic version of the Bible.
King James Bible Video - Listen to 100 phrases from the King's English in 3 minutes. Be encouraged with the heritage.
Lachish - What significance does this site, located at Tel el-Hesi, have in the world of archaeology? What tablets were found in Lachish?
Lost Gospel - Did Judas leave behind a lost book of the Bible? What is the Gospel of Judas and what is it about? Learn the facts.
Lost Gospel Video - Are the correct books in the Bible? Dr. Geisler shares with Bobby how Christians can be sure of the canon of Scripture.
Major Prophets - Who are these men and authors of the Old Testament? Are their messages applicable to us today?
Masada - Why was Masada built by Herod the Great? What does Josephus say about Herod and the great Masada?
Megiddo - What discoveries have been found on this ancient trade route between Egypt and Mesopotamia? What is the archaeological importance?
Messianic Prophecy - Check out this concise but thorough list of every prophecy recorded about Jesus in the Bible. Find out why you can be certain that these prophecies were not written after the event. This is the best exhaustive list of evidence for Jesus Christ being the Messiah.
Minor Prophets - Who are the minor prophets and why are their messages important to us today? Find summaries of each.
Misquoting Jesus - Read a response to Bart Ehrman’s book Misquoting Jesus. Study some Greek variants that lead to his conclusion on textual criticism.
Moral Ethics Video - Randall Niles examines the conflicting concepts of moral relativism and universal truth as they are applied by many people today.
Mosaic Covenant - What was the reason for this covenant between God and the nation of Israel? Study the biblical texts here.
Mount Sinai - Who visited this location in Old Testament times? What is this mount most known for? Can we learn from the history?
Mount Sinai Video - An 80-year-old man, Moses climbed Mount Sinai at least four times. Watch Ray Vander Laan and his team climb a nearby mountain and share in Moses' journey.
New Covenant - This covenant is the act of God giving grace to reconcile man to Himself. What does it mean to you?
New Testament Archaeology - The evidence shows that the people, places and events were accurately represented in the biblical accounts. Nothing denies the historical record.
New Testament Survey - Where can I find an overview of the New Testament? What does a survey of the New Testament entail?
Noahic Covenant - What is the basis of the covenant God made with Noah? Find out the history and how it came about.
Old Testament Law - Do Old Testament laws continue to bind Christians today? Read this response to Sam Harris by RC Metcalf.
Old Testament Survey - Why is the Old Testament important? What books are included and why is the message important? Find info here.
Old Testament Survey Video - What is the big picture of the Old Testament? Discover the people, places, and events of the Old Testament in a fun and interactive forum.
Origin Of The Bible - What is the reliability of ancient manuscripts of the Bible? Is there archaeological evidence? Is the Bible true?
Palestinian Covenant - What is this agreement that God made with the Hebrew people as recorded in Deuteronomy 29 and 30:1-10?
Patriarchs - What is a Patriarch? Learn about the patriarchs of the Old Testament—including Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph.
Poetic Books of the Bible - What are these books? Why are they essential for our lives today? What is God’s purpose in them?
Power Of Prophecy - The biblical prophecies aren't a tabloid lark, contrivance, conspiracy, or after-the-fact hoax. They are absolutely legitimate and compelling.
Saint Luke - The archaeological evidence establishes that Luke is a historian of the first rank. He is now considered one of the great historians.
Samaria - What is the history of this location? What is the biblical significance and the significance in history? Find out here.
Septuagint - What is this translation of the Jewish Scriptures? Why is it so powerful for manuscript credibility? Why is it important?
Shechem - What is the significance of this location in biblical archaeology? Can we learn from the archaeological finds?
Teachings of Jesus - What was Jesus’ response to the Old Testament Law? Does it point the way to forgiveness and salvation from sin?
The Book of Revelation - What is this book of the Bible all about? How do we understand its meaning and purpose? Find a summary here.
The Epistles of Paul - What is the purpose of this portion of the Bible? What is Paul’s message to us in these letters?
The Historical Books of the Bible - What are the books that fit into this category of the Old Testament? Find out a summary of each book and how we can learn from these books today.
The Pentateuch - What biblical books are included in this section of the Old Testament? What are the themes that are included?
The Virgin Mary - Did Mary remain a virgin after the birth of Jesus? A review of the interpretive differences within the church.
Thebes - What archaeological significance does this city have? Where is it located? What is the history of this city?
Who Wrote The Bible? - A vital question that deserves serious investigation. An examination of the biblical texts and compelling evidence for divine inspiration.
Who Wrote the Bible Video - Why can we trust the Bible? Special Guest Dr. Frank Turek answers the question.
Zeitgeist Movie - Is this movie true? Study the claims and see how they compare to historical facts. Is Jesus Christ comparable to Horus?
Zeitgeist Movie Video - Did mystery religions influence Christianity? Randall Niles looks at the ancient pagan and mystery religions.

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