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12th Imam - Who is this anointed ruler? Is he a descendent of the Prophet Muhammad? What power does he have?

12th Imam Video - The Blood of Lambs book interview. What is Kamal Saleem's viewpoint?
Abortion Services - What is the strategy behind this industry? How do they plan to reverse the downturn that is taking place in the abortion industry?
Acceptance of Homosexuality - Should the law promote behaviors that are beneficial and prohibit those that are destructive? Find out.
Adolescent Culture - What is the history of this age group? What makes them tick? What marks a culture that is driven by adolescents?
Adolescent Culture Video - What happens when young adults lose their consciences? John Stonecroft explains the outcome of this change in worldview.
After-birth Abortion - The proposal is that after a baby is born, the child’s life is terminated. When does a child begin having rights?
After-Birth Abortion Video - Listen to the life story of Claire Culwell, an abortion survivor. How did she survive?
Against Same Sex Marriage - What are six great arguments against homosexual marriage? Find out a systematic approach to the facts.
Against Same Sex Marriage Video - Government promotes natural marriage for a reason, permits many other relationships (including gay relationships) while prohibiting very few relationships (like incest).
Age of Reason - Learn about this eighteenth century movement. What beliefs impacted this time period? How did open thought and personal liberty impact thought?
American Exceptionalism - What is it? America was a nation of immigrants bond together by a shared commitment to certain ideals.
Ancient Babylon - All false religions began in Babylonia. Learn how these concepts may have affected what you believe today.
Ancient Egypt - How was medicine in ancient Egypt influenced by the gods of the time? Learn how religion played into everyday life.
Ancient Mesopotamia - The modern day country of Iraq has a long, rich history. Discover how Ancient Mesopotamia touches your life today.
Ancient Pompeii - Discover the event that buried this city in August 24, AD 79. What can we learn about this city from the remains?
Ancient Rome - Before Rome became the center of the Christian church, there were many gods to be found there. Learn what this means to your beliefs today.
Ancient Sumerians - Sumerian people developed an incredible ways of organizing and expressing their ideas. How did they provide their people with an abundance of information?
Angels - They're everywhere in pop culture. Do they really exist? What is myth? What is truth? What power do they possess?
April Fools' Day - What does the verse in the Psalms mean? Does it mean that Atheists are fools? No.
April Fools' Day Video - Randall Niles looks at the saying, The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." (Psalm 14:1; 53:1)
Are We Misquoting Jesus Video - What do Bart Ehrman and his view of New Testament textual criticism tell us about the reliability of the New Testament? Check out this short video response to Misquoting Jesus!
Atheist Belief - Read this response to Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation. Can both authors be right about the tenents of Christianity?
Aztec Civilization - Learn about the culture, religious rituals, economy, class structure, and importance of ceremonies in this ancient civilization.
Aztec Gods - Learn the role of gods of this ancient culture. Study Huitzilopochtli, Tlaloc, and Tezcatlipoca and how they influenced society.
Book Of Revelation - What does the general public think about End Times prophecy in the Bible? What does the Bible say about today's events?
Building a Christian Worldview Video - How do we build a good worldview in our churches? Listen as special guest Warren Cole Smith explains.
Christian Home School - Discover the facts behind a Christian's choice to school their children from home. Learn how different families approach home education.
Christianity vs Science - Can anyone resolve the conflict between science and religion? Can science put Christianity to the test?
Christmas Facts - Who does tradition credit for putting candles on the tree? Why do we hang stockings on the fire place?
Christmas Facts Video - Luke wanted us to know that the Christmas story was not a fairy tale, but rather the greatest story ever told.
Christopher Columbus - What influenced Christopher Columbus? Learn what roadblocks he overcame before impacting the world. Study the history here.
Christopher Columbus Video - Who was this man and who impacted him? Find out the history behind this great explorer.
Cloning Ethics - The Biblical view of a medical, philosophical and political issue. The relevant scripture and conclusions to make an informed choice.
College Indoctrination - Will your child's university or college reshape his worldview? Will she be indoctrinated, while you pay for it?
Colonial America Video - Learn the heroic tales of faith underlying the true history of America. What was their motive to keep going?
Colonial Life In America - Learn the hardships settlers faced as they learned to hunt for game and plant crops on this new soil.
Cons of Same Sex Marriage - Will homosexual marriage hurt heterosexual marriage? Will it ultimately hurt homosexual marriage too?
Conspiracy Theories - What makes something a conspiracy theory? What are some popular theories of our time? Investigate here.
Top 5 conspiracy theories that are true* - Here are 5 conspiracy theories that have been proven true by declassified government documents. The only obstacle to the truth is the belief you already have it. Shake off the "programming" and fear of what others may say and get informed! The Truth is in here!
Constitutional Rights Video - Check out this short video! What are the self-evident truths endowed by our Creator? What do constitutional rights really mean?
Crystal Healing - A form of “healing” that uses crystals or gemstones to deliver “spiritual” energy to the body. What’s it all about?
Da Vinci Code Truth - Study the claims laid out in The Da Vinci Code. What is true and what is fallacy? Study the facts.
Declaration of Independence - Read the text of this important historical document. Who signed it and what states did they represent?
Definition of Religion Video - How is religion portrayed? Is religion what causes oppression, terrorism, and other threats?
Does Hell Exist Video - Listen to this important message from Francis Chan. Hell: We can't afford to get it wrong.
Easter Island History - The history of Easter Island involves more than the common myths we’ve all heard about this island. Find out the truth here.
Embryonic Stem Cells - How does the concept of soul fit into this debate? What about equality? Consider these thoughts in regard to this heated debate.
End Abortion Services Video - This is a shocking video of the current statistics of abortion in the USA. What are the trends?
End Times - Wars, rumors of war, famines, pestilences, and earthquakes. The Bible reveals the many signs. Examine the record of recent of earthquakes.
Facts About the Dead Sea Scrolls - Why are the Dead Sea Scrolls called the greatest manuscript discovery of modern times? Find out here.
Gay Christians Video - Dr. Michael Brown answers the question, How can we go about reaching the homosexual community with the love of Christ, and do we need to ask forgiveness for how the church has treated them?
Gay Marriage - What are the basic points of the gay marriage debate? What are the motives? Find out here.
Gay Marriage Arguments - Are there false premises behind the arguments given to advance the same-sex marriage agenda? Consider these questions.
George Washington Video - Want a great clip on the life of George Washington? Learn the true faith underlying the first President of the United States.
Gettysburg Address - What is the history and purpose of this famous speech by Abraham Lincoln in 1863? Read it here.
Gettysburg Address Video - What does the Gettysburg Address mean to us today? Lee Williams aka Honest Abe shares about We the People. Does my voice count?
God and Natural Disasters - Does God have a role in these tragedies? Does He allow them or do they happen outside His sovereignty?
Good vs Evil - Are Atheists evil? Are Christians evil? What about those who live moral and upright lives? Who sets the standard?
Good vs Evil Video - Frank Turek explains the concept of good vs. evil and how the distinction points to a higher standard. How do we know a crooked line, without a concept of straight?
Hate Speech Definition - What is hate speech? How does one tell is something is hate speech? How does one determine intent?
Historical Primary Sources Video - Stream this clip. Why is the study of primary source documents like the Gettysburg Address so important to the study of history?
History - What influences history? What is recorded and what is left out? Consider these basic principles and approaches to history.
History of Ancient Israel - Learn the major points in Israel’s ancient history. How did these events influence the country of today?
History of Ancient Israel Video - Learn the history of Israel, summarized in less than 5 minutes. What are the main events in their history?
History of Harvard - What is the history of this university? Why was it founded? Find out the points of their system of study.
History of Satan - You’ve heard tales of a serpent tempting Eve in the garden. Is the devil merely an imaginary villain?
History of the Christmas Tree - Where did this Christmas tradition originate? How did the tree make its way to the United States?
History of the Christmas Tree Video - Clive and Ian answer 12 questions of Christmas. What do Christmas trees have to do with Jesus?
History of Valentines Day - Learn about St Valentine and how the origin of this day began with his act of love toward young couples.
History of Yale - What is the history of this esteemed university? What were the core values? Where did the name Yale originate?
Holocaust Remembrance Day - Read from Prime Minister Netanyahu's powerful Holocaust Remembrance Day speech in 2010. What did he say in memory?
Holocaust Remembrance Day Video - Listen as Ray Comfort interviews people about the Holocaust. How do people react to hard questions?
Homosexual Behavior - Is homosexuality inherently destructive? Are homosexuals medically inferior? Learn the facts here.
Homosexual Health - Are homosexuals healthier than heterosexuals? What health issues do homosexuals face that differ from heterosexuals?
Homosexual Marriage Law - Is the law a great teacher? Does it encourage or discourage behavior? Find out how this applies to gay marriage.
How Can Some Religions Say They Are Right - Are all religions correct? They all make the claim? Think through this problem and come to a conclusion.
How Does Prophecy Work - What is prophecy? Can people see into the future and predict events? How does biblical prophecy fit in?
Human Genetic Engineering - A hot issue: Time will tell how committed the United States will be regarding the absolute ban on human cloning.
Human Genome Project - Concise synopsis of its history, ultimate goal, and implications that suggests we should proceed wisely and cautiously with this knowledge.
Human Suffering Video - Randall Niles tells the story of the skeptical barber to illustrate the power of God in the midst of suffering.
Human Trafficking - What is the definition of human trafficking? Why is it such a hot topic? What is being done to fight this form of slavery?
Human Trafficking Video - What is Love146? This video gives a brief overview on how Love146 came to be? What is their perspective on Human Trafficking?
In God We Trust - Where did this common phrase originate and when did it become part of the currency system in the US?
Indus Valley - When the early civilizations of the Indus Valley faded into time, so did their gods. Little is known about gods they worshipped.
Is Hell Real? - Is there a literal pit of fire where some people will spend eternity? If so, why did a loving God create such a place?
Isaac Newton Prophecy - Did you know that Isaac Newton was a Bible scholar? Study his insights into biblical prophecy and other spiritual topics.
Jeremy Lusk - Brian Deegan and Ronnie Faisst talk in this video about the death of their good friend. What is the message they want you to hear?
Legalize Same Sex Marriage - What strategy are being played in this debate on gay marriage? What is the impact on natural traditional marriage?
Letter to a Christian Nation - This book cries out for an intelligent response that offers the reader a rationale for the credibility and rectitude of orthodox Christianity.
Letter to a Christian Nation Response - If we are all mere products of a Godless form of natural selection, what do we have to look forward to? Unexplained suffering that ends in personal extinction?
Life After Death - Do you know what happens after you die? Where will you go? What will it be like? Is there proof?
Life During the Great Depression - Read first-hand accounts and stories from people who experienced the hard times and crash of the Depression. Learn what life was like.
Life of George Washington - Was this man someone to emulate? What made his life great? Was he a hero of the United States?
Marilyn Manson - Discover the Shock Rocker's background, beliefs and philosophy. Find out his history and why he does what he does.
Mark Of The Beast - This is no longer just a Bible prophecy in Revelation, it is now clearly a technological reality with the VeriChip.
Mark of the Beast Video - What is the Mark of the Beast? Where is it mentioned in the Bible? Find out the basics of this concept.
Marxist Law - Marxist legal theory is grounded in a denial of the existence of God and a belief that we and our social systems are evolving.
Marxist Theology Video - When society adopts socialism, thus eliminating the working class’s economic bondage, religion itself will vanish.
Mayan Gods - Who are the gods the Mayans rely on? How did they seek to appease the forces of nature?
Mayflower Compact - What was it? What did it say? Who signed it? Why? Discover the facts on this important document.
Mayflower Compact Video - What did the compact say? Watch this video of the compact from 1620 and discover the change that has taken place in textbooks today.
Meaning of Thanksgiving - Is this day more than football, turkey, and family reunions? Learn the history and find out how to make the most of this celebration.
Meaning of Thanksgiving Video - Learn from the Drive Thru History team as they speak about Thanksgiving. What is the history?
Meditation - A new emphasis on reflection and contemplation. Meaning in Hindu, New Age and Christian beliefs. Focus on truth and purity.
Memorial Day Meaning - What is the meaning of this American holiday? What are we remembering? What is the history?
Memorial Day Meaning Video - A father reminisces a trip to Washington D.C. where his son learned the cost of freedom. What was the cost?
Miracle of Life Video - Dr. Seuss said, "A Person is a Person no Matter How Small." What does this say about the sanctity of life? You have to see this video clip!
Money Problems - Did you know that having more money isn’t the key to having financial satisfaction? Discover the real key here.
Mongol Empire - What influence did Genghis Khan have on the Mongol Empire? Where does Marco Polo fit in the history?
Mongol Empire Video - Join Drive Thru History to learn about the Mongol Empire and the Silk Road. What's the significance?
My Country Tis of Thee Video - Enjoy this rendition of this famous patriotic hymn performed by Bill and Gloria Gaither and friends.
My Country Tis of Thee - What inspired this great American hymn? Who wrote it and how did it premiere? Find the history behind this great hymn here.
Native American History - Learn the basic historical events of this people group, which have formed them into who they are today.
Natural Marriage - What are the benefits and purposes of marriage? How does the same-sex marriage debate line up with these benefits and purposes?
Natural Marriage Video - What is the point of natural marriage? Watch this video from ColdWater Media.
New Atheist Video - The One Minute Apologist interviews with special guest Dinesh D'Souza. He will help us understand the distinctives of the new atheism and how we need to be equipped as Christians to handle that.
New Atheists - What makes these new atheists stand out from the traditional atheists? What role does emotionalism and alarmism play?
New World Order - How will the European Union influence our culture? Ever wonder how the world’s affairs affect you? Find out about the NWO.
Noah's Ark - A feasibility study of the biblical story. The boat. The animals. The Flood. Check out the arguments and systematic research.
Noah's Ark Video - How did all the animals fit on the ark? Check out this fun answer and examine the evidence!
Nostradamus Prophecy - The background of this urban legend. Some examples of his so-called prophecies. Why do we care so much?
Nuclear Energy - What are the pros and cons of nuclear energy? What is it exactly? Learn the basics of this energy source.
Occupy Wall Street - What are the demands of the Occupy Wall Street protesters? What are their goals? What are their values?
Occupy Wall Street Video - What do you think? Is capitalism the best economic system overall? Find out with this information.
Origin of Halloween - Consider the history behind this yearly celebration. Learn about the influence of the Celts, Romans, and Christians on this scary day.
Ouija Board - Learn the history and the power behind this game. Is it dangerous or just a fun game? Discover the truth.
Out Of Body Experience - Practices of those who desire knowledge or power in the spiritual realm. Is there danger in this experience?
Parenting Skills - How can you impart wisdom in the areas of discipline, education, and finances? Prepare your child to become a responsible adult.
Parenting Styles - What impacts a parent's style of parenting? How much does the parent's childhood influence their own parenting?
Partial Birth Abortion - Finding comfort in a huge myth. A letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal responding to the article.
Partial Birth Abortion Video - What goes into this abortion procedure? Learn through this model of the procedure.
Pilgrims - Discover why these brave people came to America and how they survived to give thanks. Why did they give thanks?
Pilgrims Video - Share some of the tragic truth and powerful faith underlying the English Separatists that first called America home.
Post-Christian - What does it mean when someone refers to our culture as post-Christian? Read a summary of the phrase here.
Prayer In Public School - We provide accurate and historical information regarding the national tragedy of the elimination of prayer in our public school systems.
Prayer In Public School (Precedents) - Find historical and accurate information about prayer in school. View legal precedents and constitutional principles here.
Prayer In School - A review of current case law and constitutional principles related to school prayer. When it's lawful to exercise religious expression
Premarital Sex - Is it morally right or wrong? How do I know for sure? What should I take into consideration when making this decision?
Premarital Sex Video - When is the right time for sex? Find out why there is a time designated for everything.
Presence of Evil - Can we understand how the presence of evil poses a problem under the magnifying glass of a particular worldview?
Pro Choice Abortion Video - What About the Unborn Child? Randall Niles reviews a recent case like Nadal Hasan and his terrorist attack at Ft Hood in light of the legal and logical disconnect between criminal and Constitutional law.
Pro-Abortion - The history of a movement. The verdict of the Court. The current agenda. The current paradox. The definition of life.
Pro-Abortion Video - Watch the TED video on life from conception to birth. When does life really start? Learn more here.
Pro-Choice Abortion - The history of a movement. The verdict of the Court. The Procedural Choices. The Health Risks. The definition of life.
Promote Natural Marriage - Should the government back same-sex marriage or only natural marriage? Find out the facts here.
Pros And Cons Of Stem Cell Research - Understand the positive and negative effects of this research. Learn about adult cells, cord cells, and embryonic cells.
Pros and Cons of Stem Cell Research Video - Embryonic Stem Cell Research was going to cure the world. What happened? John Stonestreet takes on this controversial issue.
Queen Cleopatra of Egypt - How does the popular depiction of this queen differ from historical fact? How did she impact history?
Racial Prejudice - The color of a person’s skin has long been a source of great debate among peoples of all ethnicities. Why?
Racial Prejudice Video - Christine Petric shares of her life growing up as a minority. How did she find hope?
Reincarnation - Why does this Eastern philosophy appeal to so many? Where does it originate from? What is the impact on society?
Reincarnation Video - What is reincarnation? How does the new age worldview influence it? Find out here.
Religious Tolerance - How has tolerance changed to New Tolerance? What is it and how does cultural relativism play into it.
Saint Patrick’s Day - What is the history behind this fun international holiday? Who was St. Patrick and why do we celebrate his ministry?
Sam Harris - Is Christianity truly unsupportable? Or does good, cogent, intellectual, historical, philosophical, and even scientific evidence exist to support Christianity? Read a response to Harris.
Same Sex Marriage Conclusion - Read the conclusion from the book Correct, not Politically Correct by Frank Turek. What are his concluding thoughts?
Same Sex Marriage Countries - What is the pattern established by countries who recognize homosexual marriage? Find out what the research shows.
Same Sex Marriage Debate - What is our response to the gay marriage debate? Read the conclusion of Frank Turek's book.
School Prayer - Darrell Scott, father of Rachel Scott, a victim of the Columbine High School Shootings, testifies for prayer in our schools.
School Prayer Case Law - The case law history in the U.S. A legacy of First Amendment revision regarding school prayer and Bible reading.
Separation Of Church And State - Understand the concept of the Establishment Clause in the context of the time and the framers of the constitution.
Separation of Church and State - Understand what is in the constitution and what isn’t. What does the controversy today revolve around? What was the original intent?
Separation of Church and State Video - Randall Niles takes a look at the self-evident truths endowed by our Creator. What are those truths?
Shroud of Turin Video - Watch the History Channel's The Real Face of Jesus from the Turin Shroud. What is this shroud?
Spiritual Heritage - Expressing support for designation of the first week in May as America’s Spiritual Heritage Week for the appreciation of and education on America’s history of religious faith.
Spiritual Heritage Video - Congressman Forbes asks the questions - Did America ever consider itself a Judeo-Christian nation? and If America was once a Judeo-Christian nation, when did it cease to be?
Tarot Cards - What's in a deck? From gypsies to New Agers, here's the history, beliefs and methodology. Harmless fun or occultish practice?
Teaching Christian Worldview Video - How do you teach a Christian worldview? Executive Director of Summit Ministries John Stonestreet fills us in on how we really do hunger for truth in today's age of information.
Teen Abortion - Parental notification and consent laws. The positions. The risks. The lasting effects. The miracle of the life inside you.
Teen Abortion Video - Can the abortions of this era be compared to the Holocaust? How do people react to hard questions?
Ten Commandments - They dictate absolute truth in how we should live our lives and raise our children. Should we consider removing them?
Thanksgiving History - What does God have to do with Thanksgiving and government? Read the Thanksgiving proclamations of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in 1789 and 1863.
Thanksgiving History Video - What is the Thanksgiving Proclamation? Where did Thanksgiving come from? Learn more here.
The Culture War - What makes up this transformation of America? What is the fight about? Who is leading the charge?
The Dark Ages - Define this time in history and study the facts that gave it the name. Who coined the name of this time in history?
The End of Faith Video - What does Sam Harris tell us in his Letter to a Christian Nation? Are we really facing The End of Faith? Don't miss this short video clip! Stream it now!
The Great Pyramid of Giza - What is the purpose for the immense size, chambered design and perfect dimensions? What is the origin and purpose?
The Great Seal - What do the pictures on the Great Seal of the USA signify? Why were they used? Learn the history here.
The Paranormal Video - Why do Atheists and Naturalists get the Willies if there’s no such thing as the supernatural or metaphysical realm? Don't miss this short video clip!
The Shroud of Turin - What is the shroud what are the facts? Learn who controls the shroud and study the various conclusions regarding it.
U.S. Holidays - What are the major holidays observed in the United States? When did each holiday begin and what is the purpose?
Veterans Day Holiday - What is the purpose of this federal holiday? Why is it celebrated and how is it different than Memorial Day?
Veterans Day Holiday Video - Major Ben Richards can't speak for every veteran. He does, however, have a moving story to tell about his soldiers.
Voice Of The Martyrs - Discover how martyrdom shows compelling and dramatic evidence for the belief in Jesus Christ from the 1st century to today.
Voice of the Martyrs Video - Randall Niles examines this remarkable evidence for the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Wars and Rumors of Wars - What does this phrase mean? What does the Bible say about the end times and the part wars will play in it?
Wicca Spells - Rooted in ancient pagan belief, this religion is practiced by many around the world. Who do wiccans worship and why?
Wonderful Wizard of Oz Video - What do the Yellow Brick Road, the Emerald City, and Oz have to do with the Question of God? Stream this video clip now!
Word Origin - Origins of words and phrases. A view of world history, cultural diversity and the current times. Phrases from the Bible.
World War 2 Facts - Learn first-hand accounts from veterans and homeland workers who experienced this important war in US history. What were their thoughts?
Worldview - What is a worldview? Where did the word and concept come from? Learn the basics here.
Worldview Video - How do you define worldview? What is your worldview? How do you view the world?
Year of the Bible - What is this proclamation all about? Read the history and the proclamation here. Will 2010 be the year of the Bible?

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