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Bible Credibility?

FAQ: That's a pretty good approach to the Bible's overall credibility, but what about the established myths and legends? For instance, if the earth is less than 10,000 years old (as the Bible tells us), what about the star light that supposedly takes millions and billions of years to reach us?

Although there are numerous chronometers pointing to a "young" earth, the jury is still out on the star light question. Although we have read a variety of intriguing theories proposed by creationists, nothing yet has passed absolute scientific scrutiny (whatever that really is). Based on scripture and mathematics, we believe the answer lies not in the alleged changed nature of the speed of light (i.e., it has decreased over time), but rather, in the relative nature of time itself. We now know mathematically that time is a dimension that is dramatically affected by space and gravity. Einstein established that time is not a constant. Since the universe is a space-time fabric, any squishing, warping or stretching of that fabric (including the creation of a "gravity well" at inception) would have a profound impact on the dimension of time as comprehended by us on earth.

Seventeen places in scripture refer to GOD stretching out the heavens (for example, Isa 42:5, Isa 45:12, Jer 10:12, Zech 12:1, Ps 104:2). In fact, these scriptures even refer to the stretching of heaven like a curtain or a tent. Through mathematics, we now understand that "stretching" three-dimensional space could have a dramatic impact on the dimension of time. In fact, space and time are so connected that science now refers to them collectively as the "space-time" continuum. Obviously, we aren't proposing a tight, mathematical model here. However, we are proposing that a star existing millions of light years from earth could have been placed there much quicker (in terms of earth's time dimension) through a pronounced stretching of the fabric of outer space near the beginning of time itself.

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