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Armor of God for Kids

QUESTION: Armor of God for Kids - How can I explain it?


Explaining the armor of God to kids can be simple. As with all Scripture, the best way to explain it to children is to keep it simple and to avoid deep theological discussion that would confuse a child. Keep it fun by providing information that gets their imagination into the process. For example…
    In the days of the Roman Empire, soldiers wore a protective suit called armor when they went to war. They wore helmets to protect their head, a breastplate to protect the front of their bodies, and they carried swords to fight with in battle. As Christians, we are given a spiritual armor. You cannot see it, as it is invisible, but it works the same way as the armor that the Roman soldiers wore.

    God has an enemy, the devil, who does not like those who love God. To protect ourselves from the devil we are given this invisible armor. We put it on every day by praying, worshiping, and by reading the Bible. It works and you can keep it on all the time by always living for God.

    When we pray, we can ask God to place on our head the helmet of salvation so that our head is protected from the bad thoughts that the devil tries to give us. We can also ask God to place on our chests the breastplate of righteousness so that our heart stays clean. After that, we can pray for the belt of truth to be buckled around our waste so that only truth enters our thoughts. Then, on our feet, we can pray that we are ready to go wherever God leads us and that we will always be safe and peaceful when we go. The armor is not complete without a shield, so the next thing we pray for is the shield of faith. Our faith, which is our belief that Jesus will do what He says He will do, protects us from the bad things that the enemy tries to do.

    Lastly, with the armor on and the shield of faith in one hand, we must have a sword in the other. To carry the sword we must read our Bibles every day. The knowledge we gain from reading our Bibles teaches us how to use all the other pieces of the armor. Learning from the Bible also gives us the ability to live our lives so that the devil can never win and so that God always stays number one in our lives.
Armor of God for Kids – Concentrate on Application
Remember, keep it simple when explaining biblical topics to children. The Armor of God can be a fun subject to learn if it is kept simple and the child can use their imagination as they learn. Concentrate on how the children can apply the concepts to their lives.

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