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Christian Accountability (Part 2)

(Read Christian Accountability, Part 1 First)
Christian Accountability - Personal Action
Do you want to develop Christian accountability in your life? Here are some steps to help you find an accountability friend or group:
  • Begin by praying for God to reveal the person (or group of people).
  • Consider the possibilities: people in your church, work place, close friends, a man or woman you respect, etc. Search for people who are going through similar circumstances or have experienced them in their past. Perhaps you would feel more comfortable joining an online group. Be open to God's leading. (Note: it is important in one-on-one situations to select someone who is the same gender as you to avoid putting you or another in compromising circumstances.)
  • Invite the person to lunch, meet each other's family, or talk on the phone. If it's a group, ask if you can attend a meeting to see what it's like. Get to know one another. Do you get along? Do you enjoy your time together?
  • If you are confident that this is the right person or group, ask if they would be your accountability friend(s).
Christian Accountability - The Next Steps
Be patient. Developing an accountability friendship takes time and intentional effort. Participate in activities together and pray regularly for one another and with one another. If your friend confesses an issue, like, "I'm really having trouble spending enough time with my kids," then next time you meet, ask about that issue. This will begin a basic accountability relationship. Then you can begin to hold one another accountable for things like: Bible reading and prayer, physical habits like exercise and dieting, establishing a good witness at work, integrity issues, and so on. Remember, it is essential to keep your discussions confidential!

If possible, it is wise to establish a set time where you can meet together or talk on the phone. This creates consistency and shows how much you value your accountability relationship. Perhaps when you meet, you want to do a Bible study together or share what you've been learning in your quiet times with God. This will get the discussion started.

Consider the following accountability questions for your discussion time:
  • What principle impacted your life from your quiet times this week?
  • Do you feel you have been faithful to share your faith this week?
  • Have you spent daily time with God in Bible reading and prayer?
  • Have you given 100% effort in your job and home responsibilities?
  • Have you been able to express love to those around you?
  • Have you had opportunity to express encouragement and praise to your spouse, kids, or another family member?
  • Has your thought life been pure?
  • What was your biggest joy this week?
  • How were you tempted and how did you respond?
  • What have you done to enhance your relationship with your spouse?
"Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up…" Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

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