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Christian Speakers

Christian Speakers – Deliver the Message
Christian speakers are crucial for engaging our passive culture with passionate messages. When it comes to topics such as comparative worldviews, Christian apologetics, and popular issues, Randall Niles delivers! He shares his compelling journey from atheist to believer in a powerful, multimedia format of personal stories, awesome evidence, and biblical truth. If your church, school, camp, or conference is looking for a memorable Christian speaker, contact Randall Niles to schedule an event today.

Christian Speakers – Take the Audience from Passive to Active
Christian speakers such as Randall Niles create an authentic bridge between the spiritual seeker and the life-altering material. Randall was a passive participant on the hamster wheel of life. Then, one day, he woke from a long slumber and opened his eyes a little wider. He started asking questions again. He hooked jumper cables to his listless brain and began poking holes in his comfortable worldview. The result was an incredible, life-changing journey!

For Randall Niles, being a Christian speaker means taking the audience from passive to active. The goal is genuine immersion in the adventure of existence! He’ll ask some tough questions, explore some widely-held assumptions, and seek to launch a collective quest for meaning, purpose, and truth in the lives of the audience.

Christian Speakers – The Qualifications
Who qualifies to be Christian speakers?
  • It is essential that Christian speakers have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and maintain growing fellowship with Him.
  • Christian speakers should possess the ability to communicate a powerful and convicting message to the audience.
  • Christian speakers often have biblical knowledge and inspirational life stories. When truth is spoken clearly with conviction, it drives people to change.
Randall Niles is an attorney, educator, writer, speaker, and Jesus follower who spends most of his time pursuing his passion -- developing cutting-edge media to spark critical thinking and truth-seeking in a new generation. For the last six years, Randall has served as co-founder and director of operations at, where he's written and published hundreds of articles on comparative worldviews and Christian apologetics. When he's not writing or speaking, Randall teaches courses at Colorado Christian University in the areas of business, law, and philosophy. He also has a radio show on Sunday evenings. His books include The Great Pursuit and What Happened to Me, which can be explored virtually at Randall's education includes Georgetown, Oxford, and Berkeley.

Christian Speakers - The Responsibilities
Christian speakers such as Randall Niles address life issues in powerful and challenging ways. For impact, consider these first-hand testimonies:
  • “Randall, I have you and your presentation to thank for my journey to Jesus and a Christian life. Your testimony at church inspired me and the rest is history -- you changed my life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

  • “Randall I just wanted to tell you that you are AWESOME!!! Your passion is so inspirational!! When you talk I am just hanging on every word. THANK YOU!!”

  • “Randall, thank you, thank you, thank you for such an awesome talk! The information is thirst quenching, awe-inspiring, and fills me up to overflowing!”

  • “WOW! I am in awe!!! That's all I have to say about last night's presentation. If Christianity was based on only what was discussed last night there would be no doubt in my mind. So thank you again for opening up my eyes to what has always been there, which I was always taught not to see.”
When you’re ready to impact your group with a compelling message, Schedule Randall Niles as a Christian Speaker Today!

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